Day 6-7/365

So today completes the first week of my 365 Day challenge. As I was reading my previous blog post (I usually read my previous post when sitting down to write my next post as it helps to remember my train of thought), I realized this is 1 week down and *only* 51 weeks left. Time … Continue reading Day 6-7/365


Yesterday, I made a decision to finalize my Daily Routine Checklist and share it on my blog. As I was in the process of this, I googled ‘how to discipline yourself to get up early in the morning no matter what’ and came across a very well-written post on ‘How to Discipline Yourself With 10 … Continue reading Gratitude

Day 3/91

Today was a successful day. I managed to: Fit in a yoga sessionEat healthy at all meals (except for 2 treats, but I had a reason for celebration :))All meals were either cooked by myself or my awesome momStay positive and happy throughout the day, despite a stressful work day and weekBe kind and loving … Continue reading Day 3/91