Day 49/ 730

A wonderful start to the week! Awake: 6:05 AM Yoga: Started the day with Yoga Camp Day 19... morning yoga is such a nice way to start the day! Prayers: Morning, evening and night prayers all done and listened to kirtan throughout the whole day... gurbani really does have a lot of power to keep … Continue reading Day 49/ 730

Day 48/ 730

A relaxing and tiring Sunday at the same time. Since we had our friends over yesterday, we did not end up getting to bed until 2 AM. And I woke up at 10:20 AM. Although I should have awaken feeling very fresh, I was still feeling a bit tired. Anyhow, we got up. Chatted a … Continue reading Day 48/ 730

Day 47/ 730

A very productive Saturday! I slept in a bit and had a relaxing morning. Started off the morning with writing my blog post for yesterday and setting some goals for the week ahead. Took a steam (also took a speaker to the bathroom which was nice) and washed my hair. Got dressed and went to … Continue reading Day 47/ 730

Day 46/ 730

Yesterday was a normal working day, as are most of my weekdays. Wake up. Prepare and pack breakfasts and lunch. Get dressed. Head to work. Come home. Practice yoga. Go for a walk. Relax and have dinner. Blog or watch tv before bed. I just passed 1.5 months of my 24 month challenge. I am … Continue reading Day 46/ 730

Day 36/ 730

Quick snapshot Sleep: 12-8:15 AM Work: 10:45-7:30 PM Yoga: Day 6 I Am Supported Steps: 9,507 Today, I wanted to share a little interesting read that a relative of mine shared with me which really made me realize (again as deep down I know I am greatly privileged) how privileged I am. How privileged we … Continue reading Day 36/ 730

Day 35/ 730

Asleep: 12:45 AM Awake: 7:30 AM Work: 11:15-7 PM Yoga: Day 5 I Am Alive Steps: 10,336 (decided to have a dance session in my basement instead of the usual outdoor walk due to the weather being rainy. Danced to old school/classic punjabi songs which was super fun 🙂 the yoga was definitely a huge … Continue reading Day 35/ 730