Day 3/50

Wake up time: 8:06 AM Yoga: Yoga Revolution Day 14 Morning walk: 30 mins this morning, total steps 10,330 Food Journal Coconut WaterGrapefruit and beet juiceLunch: leftover noodles with veggiesDinner: homemade millet bread with homemade veggie burger (and only sauce: tomato sauce) Daily supplements: check The rest of the day was spent at a Prabh … Continue reading Day 3/50

Day 2/50

Today was day 2. Since it was a Saturday I slept in and didn't need to go to work today. It was a good relaxing Saturday. Saturday Nov 13th 2021 Checklist Awake: 9:15 AMWalked Mayhem twice in the day today - easily reached my goal of daily steps, total 15,636 stepsGratitude: Today I am the … Continue reading Day 2/50

Day 56/ 730

The day went very well. Productive. Busy. Practiced Yoga. Went for an evening walk. Walked over 12K steps. But just finished having a breakdown. I have not allowed myself to sit down and reflect on the stress of the business for a while... but it happened today. In tears again. My husband always says life … Continue reading Day 56/ 730

Day 51/ 730

Asleep: Could not fall asleep until 3 AM Awake: 8:08 AM Yoga: Made sure to finish today's yoga before heading out to work today. Yoga Camp Day 21 I Believe. It was such a nice practice. The weather was so beautiful. I accidentally kicked Mayhem in the face while practicing. That was a first. And I hope … Continue reading Day 51/ 730

Day 49/ 730

A wonderful start to the week! Awake: 6:05 AM Yoga: Started the day with Yoga Camp Day 19... morning yoga is such a nice way to start the day! Prayers: Morning, evening and night prayers all done and listened to kirtan throughout the whole day... gurbani really does have a lot of power to keep … Continue reading Day 49/ 730