Day 3/50

Wake up time: 8:06 AM

Yoga: Yoga Revolution Day 14

Morning walk: 30 mins this morning, total steps 10,330

Food Journal

  • Coconut Water
  • Grapefruit and beet juice
  • Lunch: leftover noodles with veggies
  • Dinner: homemade millet bread with homemade veggie burger (and only sauce: tomato sauce)

Daily supplements: check

The rest of the day was spent at a Prabh Aasra charity event.

For now I am sticking to daily yoga, daily walk (/min. 10K+ steps/day), whole foods plant based diet and taking my daily vitamins and supplements at the minimum for each day. Let’s start… And we’ll build on this. For yoga, I’ve been doing it everyday since October 4th. For daily steps, I’ve been meeting this goal since November 5th. And I’ve been on and off with my diet but restarted this past Friday (Nov 12th) and hope to get through the rest of 2021 (which will give me 50 consistent days).

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