Day 2/50

Today was day 2. Since it was a Saturday I slept in and didn’t need to go to work today. It was a good relaxing Saturday.

Saturday Nov 13th 2021 Checklist

  • Awake: 9:15 AM
  • Walked Mayhem twice in the day today – easily reached my goal of daily steps, total 15,636 steps
  • Gratitude: Today I am the most grateful for family… my parents brought my grandmother to visit my house today after over 18 months of us being here she finally made it to this house. I am so happy she is feeling healthy and hope she stays this way. It was so nice having her over. I also spent some time in the morning whatsapp video calling with my sister-in-law and super adorable niece ❤
  • Completed Day 13 of Yoga Revolution and also spent some time doing 1 round of the stretches recommended by my physiotherapist (wall arm stretch and quad stretch)
  • Whole Foods Plant Based Diet
    • Fresh out of the coconut water
    • Grapefruit and beet juice
    • Oats with chia seeds coconut milk, banana and jaggery
    • Chai with coconut milk and jaggery
    • Lunch: Buckwheat noodles with lots of vegetables
    • Dinner: Sweet Potatoes
  • Daily Blog Post: check 🙂
  • Sleep – fitbit gave me an 86 Sleep Score. Bedtime was 11:55 PM (as per fitbit) and Wake Up time 9:15 AM. I originally woke up at 6 AM (was tired as in my body did want more sleep but at the same time, I had enough energy and motivation to wake up and get started with my day which really shows that I have come such a long way in my energy levels. Lack of energy was the main reason I started seeing a naturopath and I can’t say exactly what it is that has helped but probably a combination of supplements, diet and lower stress level has brought me to a phase of life I never thought was possible. So grateful! Anyways, I asked my husband if we should get up and he wanted to sleep 1 more hour and I don’t know what made me think I could get up at 7 AM without setting my alarm so ended up sleeping until 9:15 AM. I am glad I did. Today is my day to relax and I want to ease my way into waking up at 5 AM starting Monday so don’t want to be having sleep debt going into the new week

Other checklist items

  • Sunlight therapy – didn’t need it today because the sun came out. So grateful I was able to get some sunshine again today.
  • Practice mindfulness -definitely trying to practice. I’ve slowed down quite a bit when it comes to eating and chewing my food.
  • Daily Supplements & Vitamins – remembered to take all of the important ones (in fact it was while writing this post I remembered to take my evening pills – this is how checklists can help your life!)

Things I need to improve on

  • Waking up at 5 AM
  • Meditation Practice
  • Completing all my daily prayers
  • Morning and evening skincare routine
  • Fitting in additional exercise other than yoga and walking
  • Listen to kirtan throughout the day
  • Drink more water
  • Remember to use essential oils

Some other things I did today: baked buckwheat bread! It didn’t rise the way it was supposed to but atleast I have some bread for the next few days. I also went shopping and got a couple new outfits. Exciting!

Looking forward to another relaxing day tomorrow – Sunday. My most favourite day.

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