Day 1/50

Yesterday was Day 1 of the 50 days remaining of 2021 which I wish to spend perfecting (to whatever extent possible) the design of a perfect day in this new unstressed phase of my life.

I am trying to fit in so many things… and I don’t really know what all is possible. But for the next 50 days, we’ll just go with the flow and each day will have it’s own unique design and the objective is to (through habits and practice – and 50 attempts) come up with the perfect design for 2022!

Current Design Components

  • Walk Mayhem and get fresh air first thing in the morning
  • Morning meditation, gratitude journal and breathwork
  • Continue with my Daily Yoga Practice
  • Morning Prayers
  • Morning Food Prep + Morning Clean Up
  • Morning Skincare
  • Work – put in 6 productive hours of work M-F
  • Blog – a daily reflection post (at the minimum)
  • Try to fit in some exercise each day
  • Evening skincare
  • Evening Food Prep + Evening clean up
  • Evening Prayer
  • Night Prayer, Evening/Night Meditation,
  • Sleep – aim for 6-8 hours per night

Things I want to do (but don’t really need to carve out a portion of my day to accomplish)

  • Attempt to Wake up at 5 AM (including weekends)
  • Aim for 10K+ Steps daily
  • Use my Sunlight Therapy Lamp sometime throughout the day to help treat/prevent SAD
  • Listen to kirtan throughout the day
  • Practice Mindfulness throughout the day
  • Remember to take all my Daily Supplements & Vitamins (morning, evening and night)
  • Drink lots of water
  • Follow A Whole Foods Plant Based Diet/ Diet currently recommended by my naturopath
  • Use Essential Oils for therapeutic benefit

Friday Nov 12th 2021 Checklist

  • Haven’t reached waking up at 5 AM just yet… was awake at 7:45 AM
  • Walked Mayhem later in the morning
  • Did not easily reach 10K steps yesterday so walked around in my bedroom and house right before bed and finally reached 10,011 steps 🙂
  • Completed Day 12 of Yoga Revolution
  • Whole Foods Plant Based Diet (didn’t eat anything that is restricted right now… will share more about my current diet later)
    • Fresh out of the coconut water
    • ABC Juice (Apple Beet Carrot)
    • Oats with chia seeds coconut milk, banana and maple syrup
    • Lunch: sweet potatoes and brussels sprouts
    • Fresh out of the coconut water again in the evening
    • Dinner: buckwheat pancakes with blueberries banana and maple syrup
  • Work – didn’t track the time but was definitely at work for longer than 6 hours
  • Sleep – fitbit gave me a 79 Sleep Score. Bedtime was 12:52 AM (as per fitbit) and Wake Up time 7:47 AM (6 hr 9 min sleep)

Other checklist items

  • Sunlight therapary – didn’t need it yesterday because the sun was actually out. So grateful I was able to get some sunshine.
  • Practice mindfulness -definitely practicing
  • Daily Supplements & Vitamins – remembered to take all of them.

Things I need to improve on

  • Completing all my daily prayers
  • Taking out just a few mins to meditate morning and evening
  • Not getting lazy on following my morning and evening skincare routine
  • Didn’t get time to make my reflection blog post yday… so doing it now
  • wasn’t able to fit in any additional exercise other than yoga and walking (which is still good enough but eventually want to aim to add in some additional form of exercise… especially strength training). Even though I am feeling much better than I ever have before, As I am still in recovery mode from being majorly stressed for 5+ years, I have started seeing a physiotherapist to deal with the few things in my body still bothering me. Yday was Session #1 after the initial consult. She prescribed me to do the wall arm stretch and quad stretch on each side 3x 30 sec each side. She worked on deep massage on the left quad and pressed into/put pressure on the left shoulder area as I was only able to book a 20 mins instead of the 30 mins that she has recommended. Basically, from the initial consult, she asked for 4-7 weeks to improve pain from and strengthen the areas that are currently bothering me (shoulders and hips). The 7 weeks will take me to the end of the year and I am hoping Physio therapy will contribute to restoring my body back to better form… so I can accomplish more.
  • Listen to kirtan throughout the day – I forgot for some parts of the day.
  • Need to drink more water
  • Need to remember to use essential oils

It was a good day 1! Will share for day 2 (Today) later! Happy that day 2 is a Saturday so I get to be more relaxed.

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