Day 56/ 730

The day went very well. Productive. Busy. Practiced Yoga. Went for an evening walk. Walked over 12K steps. But just finished having a breakdown. I have not allowed myself to sit down and reflect on the stress of the business for a while… but it happened today. In tears again. My husband always says life was not meant to be easy. I know he’s right. But the truth is I would have never willingly chosen this path that I am currently on. It feels like running on a treadmill and being unable to slow down. I wish I didn’t have to run. Sometimes I wish I could walk instead. But this is the journey I was meant to be on. I cannot remember the last time I broke down. It’s been a long while. I’ve been so busy with yoga. With my daily walks. With work. Happiness is a choice. I do choose to be happy. I especially have been during the course of this challenge. But everyone’s allowed to breakdown every once in a while. Today was the day for me… I’m smiling now. This has been a good release. Thankful for my blog.

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