Days 54-55/ 730

It’s so much easier to follow a routine and stay focused and consistent when a big chunk of your day involves work. Then you structure your day around work and you end up being much more productive. When you have nothing to structure your day around, and no specific time(s) you need to be at a certain place(s) – you might end up being way less productive (even in personal/social/recreational life) than if you worked! That’s what I learned yesterday. Through my own experience, of course. But also had a conversation with a friend about his life and this was the conclusion we came up with. When you are busy with work, you end up waking up early to take out time for yourself. When you are not working, and you don’t have a plan, your whole day can fly by with just taking care of your kid, chores, errands, just life. Man – having kids is a whole different life. We visited friends yesterday and it was again really eye opening how different the lives of couples with children are vs. us. We are good for now… I mean for a very long time 🙂 Case closed.

Yesterday (day 54) was Saturday. The morning was relaxing. Started the day with yoga. Took an epsom salt bath. Went to my moms for homemade mooli paranthe (mooli from my garden!). And then spent the afternoon working. Came home and went to our friends house for a meeting and ended up having dinner and spending several hours there just chatting. Came home watched some Gilmore Girls and ended up sleeping around 1:30 AM. W No walk – just 6527 steps yesterday. Been feeling SO exhausted these past several days that I have not been able to do much more aside from work other than yoga… good enough for now. Today is Sunday and it’s already 1:30 PM and I have not done anything other than have lunch at my moms. I woke up at 10:30 AM – so had a late start to the day and sleeping in was nice. No yoga or walk yet. Weather is super hot. Didn’t make any plans yet… will come back and update later.

Update: day 55 was a success. We headed for sauble beach at 2:30 PM and got back home at 11:30 PM. Total 5 hours drive and 4 hours at the beach 🙂 I did yoga at the beach. I went for a walk barefoot. Did 10K steps. We got Mars Cosmic Fries. Had a beach picnic. Took in the views. It was nice. A happy Sunday! Now need to sleep and have a stressful week ahead!

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