Day 52/ 730

Asleep: 11:30 PM

Awake: 7:00 AM

Prayers: Listened to my morning and evening prayers.

Supplements: Took all my supplements so far.

Morning & Evening Skincare: Morning done.


  • Morning juice
  • Banana and almonds
  • Cherries
  • Lunch: Chickpea Salad and avocado
  • 2 mini chocolates
  • Apple
  • Clementines

Work: 9-6 PM

Yoga: Did the Day 20 Yoga Camp I Am Worthy practice today. Today was a bit difficult to practice but this is a lifelong commitment and I ALWAYS feel better after practicing.

Breath Work: I did not practice breath work separately but today’s yoga practice included a bit of alternate nostril breathing.

Walk: Did not go for a walk yet…

Thoughts of the day:

  • Had so many thoughts but nothing that sticks out right now worth sharing… will come back later.

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