Day 51/ 730

Asleep: Could not fall asleep until 3 AM

Awake: 8:08 AM

Yoga: Made sure to finish today’s yoga before heading out to work today. Yoga Camp Day 21 I Believe. It was such a nice practice. The weather was so beautiful. I accidentally kicked Mayhem in the face while practicing. That was a first. And I hope the last… LOL

Prayers: Listened to my prayers.

Walk: Did not go for a walk but because a lot of the day was on my feet… including a tiny bit of dancing celebrating our receptionists bridal shower at work… I got 11,409 steps

Supplements: Took all my supplements. Yay.

Morning & Evening Skincare: Morning done. Evening will try to do after this blog post… if I don’t get lazy (I feel lazy)


  • Morning juice
  • Banana
  • Lunch: Chickpea Salad
  • Dinner/Party Foods: Chips, Salsa, Guac, Pasta, Champagne, Chocolate Cake… all yumm

Work: 1:30-6 PM + we stayed back until around 8:30ish for a Portfolio version of a bridal shower 🙂 Highlight of the day: finally found a new receptionist… hoping it goes well!

Thoughts of the day:

  • Too busy and tired to think
  • I do think that I should avoid cake thats made out of refined flour… feel very bloaty and gassy.

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