Day 50/ 730

A tougher day after the great day from yesterday. We slept late… sometime past 2 AM. That combined with maybe overdoing it yesterday in terms of physical activity – I could not get up until close to 9:30 AM today. Nonetheless, had as productive of a day as I could have considering only the time not sleeping šŸ™‚

Awake: 9:30 AM

Prayers: Only morning prayers done… going to do the evening and night prayers before bed. Update: done šŸ™‚

Walk: No walk today so far. Going to head out now… šŸ™‚ Update: 10K steps completed during my nighttime walk.

Supplements: Will finish taking all my supplements by bedtime. Update: done

Morning & Evening Skincare: Morning done. Evening will do before bed.


  • Morning juice
  • Aloo bhurji (indian potato stir fry with greens from our gardens) made by my mom. With roti and homemade yogurt and garden cucumber and tomatoes on the side!
  • Grapes
  • Dinner: Kale chole (black chickpeas) with some salad
  • Dessert: homemade carrot cake with oatmilk chai tea latte from starbucks.

Work: 11-5 PM and then 7-9 PM

Yoga: Had to swap todays yoga with day 22 yoga because could only fit in a short practice today.

Thoughts of the day:

  • I did not have a presence of mind today. Thoughts all over the place. Mind all over the place. In fact, I couldn’t even remember if I fed Mayhem his evening feed. He looked sad so I ended up feeding him because I just couldn’t remember if I already did or not… I guess it’s better to be overfed then hungry… lol. I also couldn’t remember if I took my evening bach flower and gaba tablets… also took again without realizing or knowing if I already did or not. Ah! A lot going on. Really aiming for a way to bring more peace, presence, and calm into my thoughts and life. Even while praying, my thoughts kept popping up. I guess there was just a lot going on today… maybe tomorrow will be a better day – controlling my thoughts wise.
  • Over the past 2 days, I’ve managed to make a few things happen right before bed just because I’ve consciously made a choice to go through my daily ‘checklist’ (supplements, prayer, walk – all done after 11 PM just because of my commitment and now i’ll also do my evening skincare). A lot in life does not take a lot of time. It’s more about mindset. Presence of mind. Commitment. Motivation. So as I learn and experience this – the next things I want to implement immediately is atleast a 5 minute meditation practice and 5 minute breath work practice. I believe life is all about choices. I’ve made the choice to prioritize certain things and it’s just a matter of organizing my day a bit more in order to also be able to take out an additional 10 minutes to also be focusing on 2 more aspects – for a more mindful life. One s t e p at a time šŸ™‚

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