Day 48/ 730

A relaxing and tiring Sunday at the same time. Since we had our friends over yesterday, we did not end up getting to bed until 2 AM. And I woke up at 10:20 AM. Although I should have awaken feeling very fresh, I was still feeling a bit tired. Anyhow, we got up. Chatted a bit about work. Had some fresh juice. And finally reached HeartLake Conservation area around 2 PM and completed a 1 hour hike. The highlight of the day was picking and eating raspberries during the hike. There were so many. And some were so delicious. It was a nice break from actually hiking to be able to stop and get a time to regain some energy because I was a bit exhausted immediately before and after starting the hike. It’s so fun to connect with nature. This week was our 6th consecutive week for going on a weekly hike. This has been one of the habits I’ve made a choice to implement in my life. On our way back from the trail – we stopped to take some pictures. We noticed some unique things in nature.

Here are some pictures:

How did that happen :O
Where did my legs go?
There is always time for a deep breath in nature in Sukhasan pose.

We had a wonderful time! So looking forward to continuing with the weekly hikes for the duration of the year trails stay open.

After the hike, we came home. Took a shower. Had a delicious pizza lunch from yesterday nights leftover pizza. Soooo yummy. Best crust ever! Later, I organized my closet. Then went to Costco to pick up some groceries. Came home and visited my parents in my garden. And now I am here. Trying to relax and unwind before I can do my daily yoga practice. I have been on my feet for most of the day so I feel kind of tired. Maybe I am not used to it or maybe today is just one of those days. 11,173 steps so far 🙂 Now I’ll do yoga. And then later head to my parents for homemade burritos night. And then I’ll try to get into bed as early as possible so I can dive into the week ahead (and into the new routine and goals I blogged about yesterday morning) with more energy and dedication.

Looking forward to the journey.

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