Day 47/ 730

A very productive Saturday! I slept in a bit and had a relaxing morning. Started off the morning with writing my blog post for yesterday and setting some goals for the week ahead. Took a steam (also took a speaker to the bathroom which was nice) and washed my hair. Got dressed and went to my moms for lunch. She made green roti from all the greens she got from both of our gardens. Went to work and spent a couple hours working. Then went to the mall for some shopping at Marccain! There was a sale so I got a lot of nice pieces to add to my wardrobe. Then came home and got dressed for yoga. Practiced yoga today accompanied by a friend and colleague from work while her husband prepared pizza ingredients for a pizza night today. Listened to some really nice hindi music. Had delicious pizza including paneer pizza with an indian curry sauce. It was such a nice twist to regular pizza. I also contributed in the cooking and made 2 pizzas with all my favourite toppings. And now I am just wrapping up the night with this blog post. They are all watching a funny movie – so going to go join now after finishing my steps – I am at 9,984 right now. Almost there!

Overall a very productive and busy Saturday. Got a lot done! Very happy with the shopping. The dinner. The yoga! The company! The music! 🙂 All super fun.

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