Days 44-45/ 730

These past 2 days have also been normal working days. I’ve been working from approx. 10-6. Still practicing yoga. Ever since I did my hike on Sunday (Cup and Saucer Trail at Manitoulin Islands) and set my personal best record for steps in a day (29,017), I have not been able to finish my daily steps goal. I finally mustered up some energy today to take Mayhem on a walk. Beautiful weather and got the 10K steps today.

I was just going over the progress in the habits I have set over the course of these past 45 days because I feel like I am ready to focus on more.

  1. Daily Yoga (since May 25, 2021 to present)
    52 days straight! Have not missed a single day! This has been the longest I have ever committed (and tracked) to doing something every single day. I am so proud of myself.
  2. 10K Steps/Day (since June 12, 2021 to present)
    34 days. I have had some days where I was not able to meet my target. However, as long as it average to 10K/day overall, I am good with that. So I can take more steps on different days to make up the difference and still count this as being committed to walking 10K+ steps per day. As of today, I am averaging 11,500 steps/day. Also proud of myself for this 🙂
  3. Weekly Hikes (since June 13, 2021 to present)
    5 weeks straight successfully! It’s been so much fun! I love hiking and I am so glad that my husband does too! 🙂

Last week, I blogged about wanting to start a weekly dance session as my 4th healthy habit because dancing is such good exercise!! And a huge happiness booster. But starting next week GoodLife Fitness hot yoga studios are opening up!! It’s been almost a year and a half and I miss hot yoga SO MUCH. Hot yoga is my life’s number 1 favourite activity. I will choose hot yoga practice over anything and everything else. So forget dancing – the next habit I wish to add to my routine is to attend an in-person hot yoga practice atleast once a week! So excited. Can’t wait.

I have so much more I need to become consistent with (urgently):

  • waking up early (I have wanted to be an early morning person for as long as I can remember but I have not been able to make this into a consistent habit since the last 5 years. I’ve been trying since the time I got married. As now I have added some physical activity to my daily life and become consistent with it, I am having more hope for myself that I will find a way to become an early riser as well…)
  • sleeping early (this is directly related to waking up early… I will need to sleep early in order to wake up early!)
  • meditation practice (it’s so important to me. As a Sikh, every shabad mentions the need to meditate)
  • breath work practice (it’s also so important to take conscious breaths and not live life in auto-pilot mode)
  • my daily prayers (also important to me as a Sikh but truthfully, at this point in my life, I am not diligent with all my daily prayers)
  • my daily supplements that I am supposed to take diligently every single day (this should not take any extra time in a day to do – it just needs to become a habit)
  • my daily morning and evening skincare routine (this also only takes 5 minutes a day I just have to make it a point to do it just like i’ve made it a point to do yoga everyday)
  • whole foods plant based diet (I have wanted to focus on this diet for quite a while but I have been taking a long break. Need to do a juice cleanse and then stay on WFPB diet for a while to heal some of the things going on in my body so I can be able to live life more productively and with more energy and awareness)
  • mindfulness practice (just being more mindful with everything)
  • daily blog (as I have noticed writing things down helps with tracking progress, setting and meeting goals, basically makes life better if you are consciously and dedicatedly thinking of how to make life better :))
  • cooking my own homemade meals (right now I let my mom help out a LOT. It was my goal for my 28th birthday to take over some of the cooking and to highly minimize how often we eat out/order pizza. However, as I think about it, it hasn’t really happened. I have to try a bit harder. My moms motherly instinct will have her asking me all the time to eat food she cooked (even though I told her not to) so I need to find a way to become more responsible in this regard. I also love trying new foods and recipes so also want to make an effort to do that also.

These are my immediate goals. And there is much more I want to do after I am able to first become consistent with all this:

  • organization (I need to get my spaces organized work and personal life because for as long as I can remember being organized has been directly related to my mental health)
  • minimalism
  • strength training a couple times a week
  • sehaj paath and gurbani veechaar
  • get back into doing kirtan practice (on harmonium/vaja)

As you can see, there is a lot I want to do to make my life healthier, more peaceful and more well-rounded. The good thing is I am finally at a point where I have gained clarity about my goals. About what makes me happy. About what’s important to me. About what I want my life to look like. Now, it is my responsibility to create this life. Looking forward to the journey. And the other things I wanted to do that I already made happen is daily yoga, daily walks, weekly hikes. So it’s just a matter of time for everything else. Looking forward to the journey of creating the life I want 1 step and 1 habit at a time.

Thank you for joining me on my journey!

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