Days 37-43/ 730

7 days passed and I just did not get the chance to come update.

Days 37-38 were normal working days. I think I mostly managed to commit to my 10K steps/day over the course of these 7 days and also have continued with my daily yoga practice.

Days 39-42 were special as my husband and I went out to Manitoulin Islands to celebrate our 5 year wedding anniversary. It was the most adventurous trip I have ever taken. It was a very fun and memorable trip. Highlights were Providence Bay Beach and the Hike at Cup and Saucer Trail (set my own personal record of 29,017 steps in a day!)

Day 43: an extended working day. A bit more than normal as the day included a very long business meeting. Still did yoga but today’s steps were only 4,606… I still average to more than 10K so it’s all good 🙂

I had a nice little mini vacation and now I hope to get back into productive more with more energy and enthusiasm.

Thank you for reading.

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