Day 35/ 730

Asleep: 12:45 AM

Awake: 7:30 AM

Work: 11:15-7 PM

Yoga: Day 5 I Am Alive

Steps: 10,336 (decided to have a dance session in my basement instead of the usual outdoor walk due to the weather being rainy. Danced to old school/classic punjabi songs which was super fun ๐Ÿ™‚ the yoga was definitely a huge energy booster because before my practice, I felt exhausted and as if I don’t have the energy to even do it. Thank goodness I want to stay true to my commitments as much as I can and decided to carve out the time to practice anyways. I feel great!! Definitely want to include some dancing into my weekly routines. So there we go! I just came up with the 4th habit to add into my life – a weekly dance session! Definitely good cardio. My fitbit tells me I danced (I don’t actually know how to dance so for me dancing looks like jumping up and down and moving my arms and doing a whole bunch of other dance moves that I have seen in FRIENDS LOL :)) for 48 minutes. Burned 259 calories. Added 4,437 steps to my day. And my heart rate was in fat burn zone for 46 minutes. Pretty cool!! ๐Ÿ™‚

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