Days 29-34/ 730

Okay so I’ve somehow managed to skip coming here for 5 days straight! Well I am here now. I no longer have details/updates about each of my days because my memory is not that good… 🙂

Yoga – I’ve still been keeping up with. 41 Days straight today!! So so proud of myself. Major milestones? Day 30 and Day 31 – Adriene from Yoga with Adriene shared my stories to her instagram!!! Those were the happiest moments of my life. It was so unexpected but felt SO awesome to be noticed by her!!! Very exciting 🙂 I’ve finished with the original 30 days of yoga journey with Adriene on June 30th and started Yoga Camp – another 30 day journey on July 1st. It’s super fun and I am super excited to continue with that.

Walk/steps – I have not been able to keep up with daily 10K steps… but almost there. Here is the record of steps including today (so far)

DateStepsAbove 10K

If it’s above 8,500 – it counts as almost. I am looking at the period as a whole, to make sure that it averages 10K+/day since I decided to make walking 10K steps into a habit and so far, I am good! Thanks to the days I managed to get 17K+ steps! So I am still doing well with this habit for 23 days straight today! I guess this is also officially a habit (since it takes approx. 21 days to form a habit).

Weekly hikes – I’ve been going on weekly hikes for 4 straight weeks (28 days today). So that’s also officially a habit by my books.

Now not only am I ready to continue with these habits and daily/weekly goals:

  1. Daily yoga practice
  2. 10K steps/day
  3. A weekly hike (which also helps fulfill the 2nd goal)

I am also ready to choose a new habit to add to my life! I haven’t yet chosen exactly what I would like to focus my energy on next. I will make a decision by tomorrow and update here tomorrow! Gotta spend some time to decide. So much changes I want to bring into my life!

Looking forward to the journey to a healthier and happier life, one step and one habit at a time 🙂

Thank you for joining me on my journey.

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