Day 28/ 730

Asleep: 2 AM

Awake: 7 AM

Work 10:15-6 PM (not as productive of a day as I am aiming for but good enough nonetheless)


  • lemon water
  • fresh juice
  • papaya
  • chai tea latte with oat milk from starbucks. s o o o… d e l i c i o u s
  • Lunch: leftover homemade caesar salad + some cauliflower bites and cactus cut potatoes from Boston Pizza (although this was kind of cheating because these foods were fried in oil (ahh!!) I skipped out on nachos, 2 kinds of pizza, dips, and the BP caesar salad so I am pretty proud of myself)
  • A piece of chocolate cake (eggless but includes dairy. I did avoid eating it for like 15 minutes but in the end I gave in because I actually felt like it since the lunch left my stomach feeling like it was on fire with the spices from the cauliflower sauce and the potatoes…lol
  • mulberries picked fresh from the tree! yum

Yoga: Day 28 successfully completed. Had some issues with my right foot nerve today. So annoying! Can’t wait till the day these annoying things stop happening to me.

Steps: 10,210 so far (yay!)

Supplements: I took my iron (liquid and pill) + took several doses of the bach flowers as well šŸ™‚

Gratitude: Today, I am grateful for the life God gave me. The comforts. The freedom. The husband. Life could have been worse so I need to make it a habit to always think of things to be grateful and thankful for. And let me tell you – the list is endless.

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