Days 21-22/ 730

Overall I know and I feel that something is off with my physically. I just don’t know what to do right now. Just trying my best to get through the days and the commitments i’ve made to myself… will be back with an update later.

Day 21

Awake: 5:08 AM

Morning Yoga – Day 21. Also Happy International Yoga Day!

Took a nap 6:30-8:30 AM (going to try and aim NOT to go back to sleep once I’m already up… but my husband’s lazy vibes really got to me)

Work 11-6:30

Started focusing on taking my daily supplements (2 forms of iron, bach flowers, GABA… missed magnesium)

Steps: 12,264

Day 22

Awake: 7:45 AM

Work 11:30-6

Evening yoga – Day 22

Steps – 7Kish so far… will go on a walk in a bit so I can meet my daily goal of 10K/day

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