Days 19-20/ 730

Current habits goals (already in progress)

  1. Daily Yoga Practice
  2. Weekly hikes
  3. Minimum 10K steps daily

Day 19 and 20 Update

  1. Day 19 and Day 20 yoga successfully completed
  2. Completed hike on Sunday.
  3. Daily steps: Day 19: 11,029; Day 20: 11,738 (so far)

I am having a lot of fun living life this way. Making and sticking with new healthy habits. I feel so much more productive and happier already and it’s just the beginning! Only been 20 days in this 730 Day Challenge. Still have 97% of the duration of the challenge left. Looking so forward to living life this way – mindfully, consciously, with purpose and dedication to daily betterment.

Some new habits (in no particular order) I want to try to add on for the week ahead.

  1. Nitnem, Rehras Sahib and Sohila Sahib (my daily prayers that I have to admit: I am currently not so diligent about)
  2. Try to wake up between 5-5:45 AM
  3. Reach work by 9 AM and end by 5 PM
  4. Ensure I get a solid 6-7 hours/day of productivity at work
  5. Blog daily – because this is the key tool in helping me live my best life and fulfill all my goals
  6. Spend ~30 mins/day for meditation and breath work
  7. Ensure I take all my daily medication/vitamins/supplements/bach flowers
  8. Focus on a detox diet (whole foods, plant based) and aim to do a 3 day juice cleanse before next month
  9. Drink a healthy amount of water.
  10. Morning and evening skincare.
  11. Create a pre-bedtime routine – maybe try some evening/bedtime/wind down yoga routines.

I know I am becoming very ambitious with my goals and habits. However, these are all things I want to TRY to add to my routine eventually. It starts with the thought. It doesn’t mean I am trying to do everything all at once. It just means I have goals that I am on a journey to accomplishing.

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