Days 17-18/ 730

So these past 2 days – I’ve still been keeping up with my daily yoga practice.

It’s been a bit more difficult (as never before have I made it a goal to attempt 10K steps per day but practicing yoga is something I’ve been doing or trying to do daily since new years) making sure I meet my goal of 10K steps. However, knowing that it’s a goal I am currently working on – I’ve managed to make it happen.

Day 17: 10,054 (just about made it…:)) – and I also went for about a 20 min bike ride. Super fun and awesome.

Day 18: 15,353

That’s why everything in life is about your mindset. If you set your mind to it – you can do anything. Truly, anything and everything is possible in life with the right mindset.

Looking forward to figuring out the best way to get through the rest of this journey called life…

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