Days 14-16/ 730

I am still doing yoga everyday. I have not exactly been keeping up with my intended diet. But this week made me realize that I really do wish to follow a majorly plant based diet and avoid all processed foods and most dairy as much as possible. On Monday, I did not feel good after eating Shahee Paneer (indian cottage cheese dish). I’ve only had paneer 2x during the past 3-4 months. And eating it again now, made me realize I really am better without it. That’s 2 dairy products eliminated completely from my diet (paneer and milk). That leaves the occasional ghee, yogurt and cheese (only on pizza). For now – these will be my few exceptions and once I get comfortable with this – will see how I feel going forward. All I know for now is that there is a thought inside me that keeps telling me to stop eating processed food. Makes me feel a bit guilty. So just want to give up on it for a while.

I was mostly able to keep up with my daily 10K steps that I wished to do. Here is the last 5 days history from my FitBit

  • Day 16: 11,432
  • Day 15: 8,919 (almost there!)
  • Day 14: 11,645
  • Day 13: 17,964 (best day ever on this challenge!)
  • Day 12: 10,480

I succeeded on 4 out of the 5 previous days. Now, I am ready to focus on taking 10K steps daily my next new habit.

Yoga was started as a habit on Tuesday May 25th 2021 and I have been successfully doing it since then (23 days) – and I strongly believe it typically takes ~21 days to make a habit. During the course of this challenge, I will work on adding new healthy habits to my life after I’ve successfully mastered the previous one. Now that yoga has been mastered, my next new habit is minimum 10K steps daily (started day 16 – Wednesday June 16th 2021).

Looking forward to the journey to a healthier life, one step and one habit at a time!

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