Day 13/ 730

A beautiful and relaxing Sunday.

Highlights of the day:

Went for a morning hike to HeartLake Conservation Area with my husband and our dog Mayhem.

Followed by burrito bowls for lunch picnic at Professor’s Lake.

Came home and played some freestyle pool. I got a few balls in which was pretty exciting.

Helped my husband clean and organize our garage.

Showered and took a relaxing hot epsom salt bath.

Got dressed and my husband took me to pizzanini to try their pizza. So amazing. Totally worth it. A different style of pizza that I’ve never had before.

Then went to Whole Foods for grocery shopping.

Talked about, then researched and discovered how pineapples grow – quite an interesting fruit.

Relaxed in my egg swing on my balcony with my husband.

Fit in my daily yoga practice – Day 13! Adriene introduced eagle pose and I ended the practice with wheel. I want to start learning and making notes (a blog post), taking pictures, maybe making a quick video also on each pose and how to do it properly as a way to properly learn each pose and to always have it for future reference. Doing this for each of the poses will solidify it in my memory which will be a step in the right direction towards becoming a yoga teacher.

Assembled a beautiful dessert – chocolate crepes topped with some maple syrup, mixed berries and banana, chocolate syrup and whipped cream.

Steps: 17,964 !! I think the most I’ve ever had in a day that I remember (except on my yoga retreat at Sugar Ridge Retreat Center when we went for a couple hours long hike – that was an extraordinary day). But today is the record for this 730 day challenge. This is the number I will try to match and beat going forward (on Sunday’s).

Totally ready to call it a day!

Good night 🙂

I wanted to come back to reflect a little more on my day yesterday. My husband had his phone off for 21 hours. He wanted to get away from technology. So from midnight till 9 PM on Sunday – his phone was in his drawer at home. This really changed the way our day together was. I cannot remember the last time I spent a day like yesterday with my husband where he was really present with me in the moment. He said it felt like he was on a vacation yesterday. And it really did feel like that for me too (I only use my phone very minimally on a day-to-day basis anyways). We had so much fun by just enjoying and being in the present moment. Of course it was helpful that putting the phone away also really meant that we were away from work so it really was an off day. We’ve had other off days also – we both tend to take Sunday’s fully off. However, by putting the phone away also it changed the whole flow of the day. The outlook for the day was just different. We went through a flow. Okay, let’s do this. Now this. Now this. Whereas with the constant use of a phone, the day goes by WAY quicker. When you’re out and about and having new and different experiences – it really slows down time. And this was always something I was looking for an answer to. I always always always felt like time is flying by way too quickly right before my eyes. I always fear that with a snap of a finger I will be dead and my life will be over and I will not have done anything with my life. Having lived yesterday – I feel so much happier about my life (and especially Sunday’s) going forward. Thank you to my amazing hubby for everything he does for me ❤

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