Day 261-265/ 365

Hello! Just wanted to pop in to give a quick update on the past week. Today is a special day because 265 days down and 100 days left! One hundred seems very special in my head. I know it’s just a number but it feels important (and we all know it is). I’ve kept thinking over the past couple weeks that the 100 mark is coming up and today, it’s here!! In 100 days from today – I will be 28! Wow, how fast my 20s have (almost) passed by!! I want to take life up a little notch for the next 100 days as a gift to myself for my birthday. I’ve tried to be quite consistent in my blog during the duration of this 365 day challenge and the truth is – I’ve figured out that I have major problems (that are all in my head). It’s actually a blessing to me to be positive, happy, energetic, motivated. I try. But it’s not easy. I struggle a LOT. I’ve learned to pick myself up much quicker (through this challenge) than otherwise. Before this year, if something happened to me to bring me down – it sometimes took months to bring myself up again. The good news is that I’ve gotten better to a point where noe it takes only a couple days or up to a couple weeks – for which I am grateful. Over the past couple months, I’ve realized that I can go about a maximum of 2 weeks before something comes up which brings me down and then I have to start all over. I guess after this experience, all I want to do for the next 100 days is challenge myself to go longer than 2 weeks. I can do it! I want to do it! I want to challenge myself to beat my own record. So today, I will wipe my slate clean and make a fresh start for the next 100 days. Looking forward to it!

Some important achievements: Today marks the completion of 2 full weeks of the Powerlifting for Beginners workout program. I am SO happy with myself. And I am looking forward to many more weeks of this program (it is a 4 week program meant to be repeated for several months and I think I want to continue it for the full remaining duration of this challenge. I will make another post (hopefully soon) to share the exercises and my weight progression in this program so far. Excited to see where day 100 will take me in terms of how much I can lift comfortably!

Yoga: I think I missed a day or 2 but other than that, I’ve been keeping up with the 30 day breath program. I will probably also restart this program on the first of each month for the remaining months in this challenge. It is the best yoga program I have ever experienced in my life so far. And I want to experience it more before I move on to something else. I like taking out time to focus on my breath and this program fulfills just that so that why I prefer to re-do this program again (and again). 🙂

Nutrition: I have been keeping up with my whole foods plant based diet quite well. After valentines day, I sneaked in 1 cookie on a day that I was feeling a bit mentally exhausted. I’ve realized that on days that I am not well mentally are the days that I crave junk foods. So just looking forward to putting in more effort to keep my mental health good for the rest of this challenge (And life).

Goals: Other than everything I’ve already been doing – the couple things that I still want to improve more significantly in are meditation, mindfulness, gurbani, daily walks (sometimes it’s just too cold), gratitude. My main priority right now is all aspects of my health – and I want to make sure I am not skipping on anything. For me all these things are important for my health so I just want to figure out a way to have a balanced life with work, self and spirituality. I guess by the end of this year, I just want to have figured more out about myself. My feelings, things I am holding onto: Anger, resentment, pain, etc. I want to be able to acknowledge everything – and find a way to let it go so I can be truly free. Because I am only harming myself by not letting go. By not letting go, I lose precious days of my life where I become severely depressed and am able to do nothing else but cry, think negatively, feel sorry for myself, be sad, etc. My main goals right now are to find a way to truly let things (everything and anything negative) go. Be free. And also find a better way to manage my anxiety. Depression seems like the easier problem right now because I only get depressed sometimes and I’ve learned a lot already about the things and memories which make me depressed. However, anxiety is something I’ve lived with MUCH LONGER (I think forever – also without ever knowing that there was a word for my feelings/symptoms which makes me cry right now). I don’t know if I am capable to ever truly rid myself of anxiety. This is a topic I am definitely interested in exploring in more depth in the future. ONE THING AT A TIME. Let’s focus on these small things. Incorporating yoga, exercise, a whole foods plant based diet, breathing, meditation, gurbani, nature and daily walks into my life (with consistency)… and after this, will explore more ways to fight anxiety (and depression). I think I am doing great (and enough) for now. So let’s leave it at that!

Thank you for joining me and I’ll be back again soon!

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