My thoughts on how to deal with negative emotions

Day 255-258/ 365

So it’s not that I didn’t have time to come check in here these past few days, I just didn’t bother to make it a priority! Anyways, I’ve been doing mostly well with life overall. However, I have let small things disturb my peace of mind a couple times. Of course, life doesn’t turn perfect right away… life will never be perfect. There will always be all sorts of emotions that come up and have to be dealt with. This week, as I experienced something that I let ruin my evening, I started thinking about how to deal with my negative emotions. And I remembered my 3 fundamentals of life : breathe, love, nourish ( is a new blogging endeavour I plan to start eventually… target launch date: May 31st 2021). I told myself I should try to forget/ignore anything anyone does and just keep focusing on breathe, love, nourish and everything will work itself out. Basically my answer to myself for how to deal with my emotions: don’t do anything the opposite of breathe, love, nourish. Throw out anger, jealousy, crying, etc. Be loving. Anger is not love. Neither is being jealous. Neither is crying. I guess sometimes the crying has to happen in order to make yourself feel better. But I guess what I mean in this situation is stop dwelling on those thoughts that make me cry and cry and cry. If a painful memory or something of that sort comes up… acknowledge it but don’t obsess about it. Try to remember that it is in the past not the present or future. Leaving the past in the past is the best way to move on. Of course as we live life, we remember painful or hurtful things which have happened to us in the past… and if you need to cry after that happens… you can. But leave it at that. Smile in the present. Forget the past, just breathe. And by that, I mean be present in the present moment. Remember, you are not where you used to be. You are in a better place now. You don’t have to make yourself unhappy by remembering and keep thinking of the past painful memories. That will be your own choice to make yourself unhappy. Clearly it’s not a wise choice. So make better choices. Breathe, love, nourish… And let’s leave it at that!

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