Day 253-258/ 365 Overview

So during this past week, I started going back to my original blogging format of the ‘overviews’ of my days routine checklist just to do a quick check in for focusing on my goals. This is a helpful way of blogging for me so I will continue to do this for the rest of the 365 day challenge. If I miss certain days or even if I don’t miss days, I will come here to check in weekly to do a quick overview/update.

Okay so for this present week Monday-Saturday:

  • Diet: Today my 5th week of a whole foods plant based started. This diet has pretty much become a habit. A habit I am happy with. I am surprised that it hasn’t been as difficult as I would have thought. I was basically almost already eating vegan so I’ve only had to make minor adjustments to my diet. I’ve still been eating some processed foods so the next goal for the week ahead is to cut out processed food as much as I can (atleast 90%). I’ve successfully cut out sugar this past week so I will continue with that.
  • Yoga: I am continuing with my 30 Day Breath journey with Yoga With Adriene. I am so happy with this program – it is changing my life day by day. I only missed yesterday’s yoga – other than that I’ve been doing it everyday. I am looking forward to continuing it and will continue posting updates. I will most likely restart this program after it ends. Yoga daily is almost a daily habit. I need to be a bit more dedicated in making sure to do it everyday – it only takes 5 minutes. I was being purely lazy on Friday and then by the time I came back home, I got distracted.
  • Powerlifting for Beginners: so as I mentioned last week, after years and years of wanting to ‘seriously’ start my strength training/weight lifting journey – I finally started it on Tuesday February 9th 2021! I must say – I am completely hooked with this program. I plan to do 4 rounds of it for my birthday. I am excited to see where that will take me! This program is a 4 week program so I have exactly 16 weeks left in this 365 day challenge and I am happy to have made it to this point where I am today to have enough energy and strength and mental and physical health to be able to do this. I have been working out to Rihanna and Drake’s Work song and I am absolutely loving it! Music is powerful! SO SO excited for the next week. I am going to make a post to share the exercises and weights I did on my first week which I just completed. And I am excited to see where this will program will take me by week 16. The good thing about this program is that it’s only 3 days a week and since I skip the ab workout (because I already do daily yoga which is already a lot of core) – it’s only between 30-45 mins max. which is easily doable. I will definitely continue with this! Little by little, I made it here. It took 252 days to start weight-lifting. I’ve had a gym in my house for almost a year but I just wasn’t physically or mentally in a place to make this commitment. But now I am, and I am SO happy! Looking forward to share the journey with you.
  • Walking: So I haven’t been as good as I want to be with walking Mayhem everyday. But between me and my sister, we try to still walk him several times a week. I walked him for 20 minutes today with my face covered with my scarf! That’s the only way to manage walking in this temperature. Can’t wait for spring! I’m going to try to be better with daily walks next week.
  • Gurbani: I haven’t been as good as I want to be with Gurbani this week. Gurbani is the essence of life. Today I spent a lot of time listening to gurbani and it really made my heart smile. So another goal: spend more time reading, understanding, singing, listening to gurbani. It’s easy to go about the daily routine and still fit in gurbani so I want to be more mindful of that for the week ahead.
  • Breathing/meditation: I have become very conscious of breathing throughout my day. I only want to continue and progress on my meditation journey. I wish to spend more dedicated time for meditation rather than just breathe work throughout the day.

That’s it for now. Thank you for joining me on my journey!

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