Day 254/ 365

  • Wake up early 7:25
  • Meditation I have noticed that ever since I started Yoga With Adriene’s breathe program, I have become way more conscious of breathing throughout the day. While working out, during yoga, during my car rides, any time I can get, I take to be more mindful and meditate (even if it’s as simple as just inhaling and exhaling consciously). Life feels much better this way
  • Gratitude Today I am grateful for getting the chance to start on my Powerlifting for Beginners journey. It was SO fun. I am excited to continue the journey.
  • Today’s Food Intake
    • Protein shake
    • Oats with chia seeds, raisins, craisins, sliced almonds, a banana and some almond milk
    • lunch was an indian sabzi with potatoes and squash with 1 roti
    • Fresh juice
    • Dinner: rajma and quinoa
  • Walk It’s freezing cold and I was so busy today. I couldn’t walk Mayhem but I made it to 7714 steps so far just by going about my day normally
  • Yoga Day 19 of the 30 days Breath program with Yoga With Adriene – it was amazing!
  • Exercise Powerlifting For Beginners Week 1 Day 1 successfully completed. I skipped the last exercise because I couldn’t figure it out. Maybe I will fit it in tomorrow. For this program, I will always skip the core exercise since I already do daily yoga!
  • Work 11:40-8:40
  • Sleep Going to bed now
  • Positivity & Productivity It was a positive and productive day.
  • Lessons learned/Thoughts of the day Life is good! Blogging helps so I am happy to have this tool at my disposal to assist in making my life better! I am so exhausted so this is it for now.

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