Day 253/ 365

  • Woke up 7:30 AM and then took a 1 hour nap at about 8:30 because I was not feeling rested enough
  • Meditation Spent 30 minutes on meditation and focusing on simply breathing and paying attention to breathing.
  • Gratitude Today, I am the most grateful for my energy level.
  • Today’s Food Intake
    • Fresh juice
    • Banana + walnuts
    • Lunch: Mutter mushroom curry and wild rice
    • Almond milk chai
    • Strawberries and Blueberries
    • Apple
    • Dinner: steamed vegetables, sweet potatoes and some olives (such a perfect and light dinner!)
  • Walk It’s freezing so I couldn’t walk Mayhem today. But I am at 6909 steps right now.
  • Yoga Day 18 of the 30 days Breath program with Yoga With Adriene
  • Work 11-8:45 PM
  • Self-care & relaxation coming here to blog 🙂
  • Sleep slept at 1:30ish AM yesterday night. Hope to bring my bedtime to a much earlier time by the end of the week.
  • Positivity & Productivity The day was very positive (other than getting angry at people at work for valid reasons) and very productive. I am actually very happy with my productivity level. I worked 9.5 hours with complete productivity and efficiency.
  • Lessons learned/Thoughts of the day Life feels very good. Other than being very upset about the situation in India with the Farmers Protest. Praying for it all to be resolved asap. The audacity of Modi is astonishing. And let’s leave it at that. The farmers are in my thoughts always! Nothing but respect for my community!
  • Some other things: I plan to start 2 exercise programs from BodyFit by this week. One is called Mind Body Fit: Your 90-Day Wellness Journey. This 13-week program includes 5 beginner 15-30 minute workouts a week. I feel like taking out 15-30 minutes 5 days a week is easily doable. This program is a holistic approach to health – which ties in very well with my belief system so I am excited to give it a try. I am very much trying to live life with a bit more discipline and dedication and hard-work for the rest of my 365 day challenge. I’ve made tremendous progress thus far but I really wish to make even more progress as a gift to myself for my 28th birthday. As of today there are 112 days left and I plan to be focusing more on all aspects of my health to make much more improvements in all aspects of life. My goal with the 13-week program will be to finish it before my birthday. So even if I miss some days, I’ll still be able to finish in time and hopefully get better mentally & physically by the end of it. Another’s BodyFit program I plan to start this week is Powerlifting for Beginners. It’s a 4 week program with the goal to gain strength which I would like very much and it’s only 3 workouts per week. Each workout is supposed to be 45-60 minutes but I plan to keep it even shorter than that because each workout ends with a core workout which I will skip because I already do yoga daily – which already covers the core. I’ve wanted to begin lifting weights since a very long time because secretly I know that it will be very good for me. Not only physically but even mentally and emotionally. I’ve been pushing it aside for later because until now, I just wasn’t in a good flow with life. I have 50+ hours work weeks and on top of that, I didn’t have the energy or consistency. I don’t know if it’s the power of yoga or the power of a whole foods plant based diet – but I am feeling mentally and physically much more stronger to take more on. I do have a housekeeper which gives me the ability to have a personal life and still work like crazy in my husband’s business. Over this 365 challenge, I have been able to shorten my sleeping time tremendously which gives me more time to exercise, yoga, etc. I still multi-task (paath at the same time as walking or cooking or driving) a lot of my to-do’s in a day but this is working for me and I am looking forward to the rest of the journey. I’ll be back tomorrow to share my DAY 1 progress of the powerlifting program and the mind body fit program.

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