Part 3 A dream to be a full-time blogger

The last new and very exciting goal I have in my life is to finally start my journey to becoming a full-time blogger. This is something I have thought of and dreamt of for as long as I can remember. I don’t remember exactly when the idea first came into my mind (I’ve had a couple different blogs throughout my life), maybe when I found out that some people actually make a living from blogging full-time. Multiple things coupled together have made me more confident about embarking on this new journey. It was last week that I was thinking of this blog and how it’s gotten kind of disorganized. The whole purpose of this blog was very personal. It was always for myself. I did not ever think of carefully putting together my thoughts or blog posts. I just let the thoughts flow and without edits – they go on my blog. The only reason I made my blog public is because I am on this journey to discovering how to take better care of my health – and I wanted to make this available on the blog to anyone who’d be interested in the slight chance that someone might be able to find some inspiration from my journey. I was going to be writing anyways, for myself, so it wasn’t going to take any extra time or efforts to make it available, and so thats what I did. I started off with some organization to this blog but since it was always meant to be for me, I ended up just writing and categorizing everything into ‘blog’ (to focus on writing and less on being organized or the design aspect of my blog).

Sometime during these past couple weeks as I was discussing my intention to becoming a yoga teacher with my husband, he made me realize I want to be a full-time blogger. He loves me very much – he would do anything for me and my happiness. And he knows how much I love yoga – and how happy I would be teaching yoga because he knows how much I love teaching also. And he thinks it’s perfect for me to combine my 2 biggest passions in life… but him being the businessman he is, told me once I get my yoga teacher training, he could open a yoga studio for me so I can teach yoga and make money doing something I love. Now, I know the struggles of running a business – even a yoga studio. This idea didn’t interest me in the slightest because although I love yoga and would love to teach it, it is n o t my d r e a m to have my own ‘business’. I already have my own business with my husband. I am focused on getting that established and organized and running smoothly without my involvement. After that, the world is my oyster. That day, I told him I don’t want to make money with my passion. But later, that conversation made me realize that there is a passion I am interested in making money with: my blog. I guess I always did know that deep inside but I didn’t have the confidence and I didn’t think I had something to offer the world. It wasn’t until after months of blogging for myself that I realized I have so much to offer. I want to share everything that I know and today I am confident in my ability to be able to make a difference. I learned so much through my own journey that now I really have something worth sharing (Something I am confident enough about sharing).

I love writing. And so that’s when the seed for becoming a full-time blogger was planted. A big thanks to my husband ❤ I love blogging/writing. The limits in the blogging world are endless – I can blog about anything and everything I love. I absolutely love to share my thoughts, ideas, knowledge and experiences with others. I guess this also comes from my strong passion for teaching. Through writing, I am able to fulfill this passion and desire I have to share my knowledge with others. I would love to blog about topics that I love and get paid for it! And so I am here today on this new and very exciting journey – I’ve registered a new domain for my new blog as I will be starting this new journey with a new blog. I will eventually stop using this one (but I will keep it because there is so much content here, which I will be able to reference and take ideas from here for my new blog) but it will take some time to set up the new one. As since it is already my intention to make a living from it – it will take much more time to set it up and learn everything there is to learn about blogging for a living first. That’s why I need to eat better and increase my energy so I can be able to do all these things I wish for myself. Hopefully within a couple of years, I will be able to step away from my husbands business and focus on my blog full-time but for now, it will be a part-time endeavour as I am still needed for the business full-time. So so happy to be here. Looking so forward to the journey.

For anyone interested, my new blog will be called I will share on this blog the journey of launching my new blog 🙂

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