Part 2 – A passion and love for yoga

The decision for becoming a yoga teacher: This is not something new. I wrote in my iPhone notes app on Sunday October 4th 2020 that I want to become a yoga teacher. And I remember because that same day my brother-in-law and I were texting and talking about the new restrictions due to Covid-19 which cut my yoga classes from 6 days a week to 3 and as we were discussing this he said ‘you should start teaching your own classes’. I told him he read my mind because I had already made the intention to one day want to be a teacher that same day (and wrote about it in my Notes app) (I write everything in my Notes app about everything – it’s my personal notebook/journal). As I’ve continued my yoga journey (at home through yoga with Adriene’s youtube videos), my decision to teach yoga has only solidified. For those who’ve been following me on jasdeepsjourney and for those who know me, know that it was my lifelong dream to be a teacher (since I was in kindergarten). I didn’t really care who I taught or what I taught as long as I got to teach something. The passion was more for teaching and the satisfaction that comes with it rather than a specific subject or age group. I’ve taught (through all my part-time and summer jobs) from kindergarten to adults. From summer camps to tutoring and everything in between and around. From home tutoring, Gill Summer Camp, chess tutoring, Reptilia, during my lunch in high school, to Sanofi Pasteur where I got a chance to learn and become an expert in a new software and then teach it in the best way possible to my international colleagues from all over the world – which was the best experience of that job. I just get so much satisfaction from explaining, sharing knowledge, helping someone learn something.

I’ve recently discovered a deep passion and love for yoga which in itself is a long story (I’ve touched on this in previous posts and will write about it more later). I think it’s only fair to myself to live a life where I am true to myself and follow my passions. As I’ve been on this journey to better physical, emotional, mental & spiritual health – I’ve learned to love myself better. This self-love brings me to this place today where I have defined what I want my future to look like. Today, I love myself enough to be true to myself. In yoga, I found something that I am as passionate about as I’ve always been about teaching – it would be a crime to my soul to not combine the 2 together to teach yoga. Looking forward to this journey also 🙂

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