Part 1 Choosing A Whole Foods Plant Based Diet


The decision to switch to a low-fat whole foods plant based diet: I’m currently a vegetarian and eat very healthy majority of the time. I’ve been thinking of the WFPB diet for a while (I even tried it and blogged about it a couple months ago). My biggest reason right now for re-making this decision is because I want more energy. I’ve been thinking about and reading and researching about how I can increase my energy. The biggest problem for me right now is that I am super busy. Despite I have all these goals for my life, I still have very demanding work (40-50 hour work weeks) – supporting my husband with our businesses. Time is and will be a huge constraint for me. So as I was thinking about all my new goals and dreams (which I am not willing to postpone for later anymore) – I thought a lot about figuring out an answer to my low-energy problem (an answer that will be easy to fit into my busy schedule) and the only answer I could find is d i e t. I need to eat. Despite how much time I spend working, I will always make time to eat. Diet is my 2 for 1. Eating for energy will solve two problems: 1. My energy will increase. 2. I will have more time for more things in life since I will hopefully be able to thrive better even on less sleep. Low energy is something I have suffered from for a lot of my adult life. I have cried so many tears over feeling low in energy. Wanting to do so much more but feeling so drained and exhausted all the time (sometimes for no apparent reason). Deep down, I already know diet is everything. It’s just a matter of implementing what I already know. Diet + having something to look forward. I’ve made it to a place in my life where I have so much to look forward to (for what I am so thankful). That leaves diet – although I already eat very healthily most of the time, I have to eat for energy. Through my life experiences and reading and learning from other people – I know a whole foods plant based diet is the answer. So that’s kind of a quick insight into how I got here. More details on what specifically pushed me to implement this decision today in the present moment (instead of always postponing it for some time in the future…).

This morning, I woke up and thought and read about the Mediterranean diet vs. whole foods plant based diet (as I was trying to make a decision on starting today on this journey to eat for energy). I was doing this because I so badly love pizza. It is my comfort food. I go to pizza when I am feeling sad and happy. To celebrate and to not celebrate. On days where there is an opposite of a celebration, I will eat it anyways to give myself one good thing that day. Trust me on this, I have somehow come to the place in life where pizza means so much to me. It’s become a source of happiness and I have attached so much emotions with the act of eating pizza. And I’ve always heard how healthy a Mediterranean diet is since it’s also a diet that center’s around whole foods and plants with some dairy (this made me happy so I can have more energy and continue to eat cheese and yogurt which I also love very much). I watched this video by Dr. Neal Bernard.

Vegan Diet or Mediterranean Diet: Which Is Healthier?

I followed this with a quick google search on this doctor to check his credibility. And I stumbled on this: Neal Barnard’s Diet and Workout – How This Physician Stay’s Healthy‘ Barnard says following a vegan diet offers the nutrition your brain needs and craves, protecting it from toxins, improving function and reducing anxiety and depression.’

I struggle very much with anxiety. I have had anxiety since childhood. It’s gotten worse (or I’ve noticed it more since I pay more attention to my feelings) as I’ve become an adult. It takes everything out of me. You can read one of my previous posts where I opened up about how it feels to live with anxiety. After learning that a whole foods plant based diet can help with my anxiety – I am all in. I will choose not having to deal with anxiety (and I will find a way to eat and love cheese-free pizza). I am not feeling that supported by my family – some of whom seem to be rolling their eyes at me but I really hope I will be able to stick with this decision (and get results). Looking forward to the journey – hoping for the best.

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