Today, I make a commitment to practice yoga everyday for the rest of my life

Day 218/ 365

Monday routine 

  • Asleep at 1:30 
  • Awake At 8:10 ( Slept 6 hours 40 mins And I was not feeling tired at all today throughout the day (no runny nose, no sneezing, no headaches from lack of sleep, no feeling tired throughout the day But I rested a lot over the weekend. I will continue to monitor my body to give it atleast 7-9 hours of sleep (or as little as possible needed for optimal health and energy)
  • I reached work at 9:15-6:15 work
  • Yoga after work Day 3 of the 30 day journey
  • Something new I tried today: ujjayi breathing
  • Nighttime walk with Mayhem = only 8K steps today. It was freezing today so this is enough for today.

None of my morning stuff was done due to waking up late so on those days I will try to do as much as possible in the evenings to make up. And then just try harder next day to wake up earlier and fit in more morning activities (and necessities for good health)

Today’s food journal

  • My everyday fresh juice 
  • Banana and walnuts 
  • Pizza lunch and some Snapple soda (cutting out all sugar for atleast 30 days effective today no exceptions whatsoever)
  • Dinner: 2 besan pude, salad, sweet potato fries

Today I made a goal to start setting goals within yoga (as I am learning through my daily yoga practice, there is so much to learn, explore and get better at in yoga). I am so excited to be on this journey. Today I introduced desk yoga to everyone at work and it was so fun sharing yoga with others. I am super excited to progress in my yoga journey and to hopefully one day (sooner rather than later) become a yoga teacher. It’s always been a lifelong dream of mine to be a teacher (but I didn’t really care too much about who/what I would teach as long as I got to teach something) and now I’ve found something I am very passionate about (as passionate as I am about teaching). Combining two of the biggest passions I’ve discovered in life (so far) can only lead a happier, more meaningful and satisfying life. This is a journey I am super excited to be on. I look forward to my daily yoga practice. I’ve always enjoyed yoga. With covid and yoga studios closing – I went through a period where I lost my practice. Which resulted in losing my health, happiness and positivity. But I’ve found that yoga is a practice that has such a tremendous impact on my health and all aspects of wellness – physical, emotional, mental AND spiritual. I am so thankful to have found an activity in life that helps me feel healthier (physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually), happier & more purposeful. Along with giving me more energy. Today, I make a commitment to practice yoga everyday for the rest of my life. More on this later.

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