Feeling rested and recovered

Day 203/ 365

I’m happy to say that I am doing way better than the last time I was here. I’ve rested and recovered. Definitely feeling more energetic at this moment. I am more prepared to start the week ahead (way more prepared than I was last week). For the rest of the month, I want to focus on detoxification of the mind, body and soul so I can bring in the new year with a better, happier and more energetic version of myself.

I want the detoxification to include:

  • Cutting out social media (I rarely use it anyways so this won’t be difficult)
  • Cutting out TV (recently I’ve watched too much and I really want to put it aside to make time to connect with myself and my thoughts which I have realized is something very important to my mental and emotional wellbeing)
  • Daily yoga practice (I’ve realized nothing makes me and my body happier than a daily yoga practice and as per one of my favourite affirmations: I am responsible for my own happiness. There is nothing standing in my way. I want to do yoga to help with detoxification and to connect with my mind, body and soul through yoga).
  • Self-care (epsom salt baths, steam and sauna sessions (all with essential oils); making and using natural coconut oil and sugar body scrubs, self-massage with coconut oil, anything else I fancy which includes giving my body some self-care and self-love 🙂 )
  • Meditation practice including practicing mindfulness in everything I do
  • More to come in the next post

This is the sleeping and waking up schedule I would like to follow (roughly):

  • Wake up: between 4:45-5:30 AM (using the sleep cycle app which wakes you up within the timeframe you set (upto 45 min duration) during your lightest sleep phase in your selected window – very good app to check out)
  • Head to bed at 9 PM. Fall asleep by 9:30 AM so I can get between 7-8 hours of sleep each night (depending on sleep cycle)

As I do this 365 day challenge, I realize I learn new things about myself and how I can help myself with my anxiety, stress, negative emotions, etc. which is a huge blessing. Spending time alone with my thoughts helps me incredibly especially blogging because it helps me to get to know myself better. I am able to make observations about my thoughts, my feelings, my emotions, what works, what doesn’t work, what helps, etc. Last week I learned how important it is for me to have some alone time with my thoughts on the weekend to help me prepare for the work week ahead. Without this alone time, I don’t feel rested enough to get passionately to work. I’ll be able to go but won’t be able to be as productive and creative as is needed for my role. Even if I spent the entire weekend ‘relaxing’ – watching tv, spending time with family, sleeping in, etc. All that doesn’t actually relax me in the true sense. True relaxation is when I make time to be with my thoughts (and also come to my blog). My work is very mentally demanding. And I need the down time on the weekend to rest my mind and my brain to prepare it for all of the challenges to come in the week ahead. I am glad I’ve learned this because as a result I’ve made a promise to myself that I will not begin a new week without giving myself this time that I need. As a result, I will probably be able to control my anxiety much better than I did last week. One tiny experience led to so much physical, emotional and mental fatigue: tears. shakey hands, shakey body, deep depression, negative emotions, feeling sad, helpless, etc. It was so not worth it. I have to go back to putting my mental health first. So for the week ahead, I will also prioritize to set aside some time for my blog even if it’s for a quick minute to say I had a good day, I’m exhausted, see you tomorrow 🙂 Okay that’s all for now until the next post.

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