Today’s highlight: Sunshine & Yoga

Day 191/ 365

Today was another wonderfully good day which makes me realize that it doesn’t take much to have a good day and keep myself positive. I guess the bonus I got (today and yesterday) that really factored into making my day from ordinary, normal, ‘fine’ to fantastic was the sunshine. I had to work from home today because I was expecting someone for some work that’s been pending. I was actually half way to work when I had to turn around because I got a phone call from my sister that someone needs to be home. It ended up being a gift because I got to experience another day of amazing sunshine – makes you realize that summers (and sunshine) should not be taken for granted! It is a beautiful gift to us from mother earth ❤ I started off my ‘work’ from home day on my couch in my bedroom, because that’s where the sunshine was hitting the most. It was wonderful 🙂 And then eventually I made my way to my ‘egg’ swing chair that I have placed right in front of my balcony where the sunshine hits the most due to the large sliding door windows. I can’t explain what a pleasure it is to sit in that spot where the sunlight hits my face – it is a bit harder to work! but it’s an absolute gift to be able to relax this way in the beginning of December. Honestly it is a way to mimic the experience of being on a beach sitting in a comfortable lounge chair. That was the highlight of my day today.

Another highlight: I started 30 days of yoga with Yoga with Adriene from Youtube yesterday. Today was day 2 and I gotta say it feels oh so good to be doing a different yoga program for a change. I only came across Yoga with Adrience last week and I cannot believe how much brighter she’s already made my life in a couple of days. She’s really a breath of fresh air. I am very excited and looking forward to continuing and progressing in my yoga journey – and with Adriene this time. Practicing yoga is the best gift I have ever given to myself. It is a practice that has created more positivity in my life than anything else (very close to sunshine). I cannot put into words the good feelings I have been able to experience through yoga. It’s helped my mental health significantly. It’s helped with my energy (and happiness). On October 4th, I wrote in my notes that I want to become a yoga teacher one day! Sometime in the near future of course, when I have more time and an opportunity to start easing away from my role with our business. But now I have another goal in the back of my mind that I want to be working on at all times. It’s been a lifelong dream of mine to teach and the typical teacher career didn’t work out for me (maybe a blessing in disguise) but that doesn’t mean that I won’t be able to teach at all. Teaching happens best when you’re able to share something that you love with other people. If I had become an elementary or middle or secondary school teacher (because I hadn’t exactly made this decision before being rejected from teachers college) – I would have had to teach a whole bunch of subjects maybe including some that I am not so passionate about. It wasn’t an actual curriculum or subject or age group that I was passionate about. For me, since day 1 (in about kindergarten to be exact), I’ve just always wanted to be a teacher and have enjoyed any opportunity where I got to teach anything at all! And I can’t think of a better opportunity and privilege in life to be able to even think about the idea of pursuing teaching in an exciting subject like yoga which truly changes my life (when I let it). Yoga with Adriene’s videos – made me further recall my own goal to eventually be able to spread the joy that is yoga with the world in my own special way. I have so much more to say about yoga but will create some additional posts on it later.

Thank you for reading!

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