The world needs happy people

You know what I realized today? How important it is to take care of yourself. As I’ve been on this journey to learning to take better care of myself physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, I have realized how much easier it becomes to love, give and care for others when your own cup is full. Not only with your own family but just anyone that comes your way, be it extended family, colleagues, strangers, anyone really. I have truly found myself being more loving, kinder and more giving than my usual self (I already consider myself to be a loving, kind and giving person) when I have taken out time in my day to make myself happy. When my heart is full and I am happy, ALL I want to do is to share that happiness and positivity with others. This is something I have experienced so many times during this 365 day challenge and I just wanted to share this here. It makes me happy and makes me feel more motivated to keep at this journey. Keep at it and the result will be a world with a happier, more positive and loving version of you who will want nothing more but to spread the love and positivity! The feeling of happiness is just so amazing that it has this affect (atleast this is my personal experience). I know the world is filled with good people! We’re just living in a crazy fast-paced world but if we just find a way to s l o w down – happiness follows. My happiest days are when I have more time to just be able to enjoy the present moment, do more things that make me happy. Not being in a rush. I had to ‘work’ (;)) from home this morning which gave me time to have a slower and more relaxing morning and do more things that make me happy. A happier me results in happiness spreading to my husband, my family, my dog, and the world in general. I say happiness is the best gift you can give to the world. Learn to make yourself happy and the world will become a better place as a result! Looking forward to keeping myself happy 🙂

Just wanted to share this article that I came across as I googled ‘the world will be a better place if everyone learns how to be happy’ (my usual routine is to google what I’m thinking to find further inspiration for the title of my post and validation for my thoughts ;):)) The World Would Be a Better Place if Everyone Did These 5 Things Read point 4 🙂

Thank you for reading. Next very similar blog post to follow – stay tuned!

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