Day 188/ 365

Today was a good and relaxing day. I woke up excited to participate in Toronto’s kisan rally (a rally in support for India farmers). It was an amazing experience. It was so nice to see so many people of my community (and all generations) getting together to show their support for the farmers of India. The whole experience made my heart smile so deeply. The world seems like such a terrible place most of the time but when you see people coming together (these protests have been happening all over the world) to stand up against oppression – it’s really such a wonderful thing that helps to restore my faith in humanity. When it really counts and when we really need each other, people show up for other people. And that’s amazing. And it’s powerful. It’s love. It’s unity. It was a very special thing to experience today. I am grateful for the whole experience and I am praying from the bottom of my heart for the lives and livlihoods of our India farmers. God bless! ❤

In terms of myself, I last checked in here last Sunday. I was looking forward to continuing the journey (And wanting to step it up a notch – since I hit the important milestone of 1/2 of my challenge). Monday started off great – I woke up early, I worked out, did yoga, walked my dog. I had a good and productive day but I didn’t have time to blog I was so exhausted from my day. Tuesday and Wednesday also went well. I did yoga on Tuesday and Wednesday. Ate healthy, cooked food, etc. And by Thursday I went into a deep depression which continued all through Friday. I cried until my body couldn’t take it anymore. I don’t know what happens to me. It’s so hard to stay positive and motivated and happy. Most of the time I just end up feeling so alone and so negative and unhappy (even after trying very hard to keep myself motivated, productive and happy). It’s so hard to battle the negative thoughts that just show up and end up making me feel helpless and sorry for myself instead of realizing it’s really all in my own head. I really have to figure it out and I really want to figure it out… it’s kind of late today but I will be back tomorrow to explore this further. I have some ideas to help myself (that’s what this whole blog is about) that I need to focus on. It’s just a matter of committing and pushing myself through the bad days and not allowing my negative thoughts to take over my mind, my heart, my body. Instead, always focusing on the positives.

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