Felt God’s embrace and presence today

Day 176/ 365

I had a very good start to the day today. I naturally woke around 4:45 AM. I took it as God taking me in his arms to bring me closer to Him, to myself, to my purpose. I felt God saying, I hear you child. I understand you. And I will take personal care to help you fulfill all your goals and live your life to your highest potential. It was truly so comforting. I felt safe, comforted, happy, eager, energetic. Although 99% of the time, it’s very difficult for me to get up in the mornings (no matter what time I get up) – feeling God’s embrace and presence today gave me the energy to get up and get started with my day (my alarm was set for 5 AM anyways).

I started with a quick meditation. I then took my sunlamp to my gym so I can multitask with bright light therapy. I did 10 minutes of morning yoga to wake up my body. Morning yoga coupled with light therapy felt so good and really woke me up! I wanted to use the sunlamp for atleast 30 minutes to be able to get the most out of light therapy as possible. I researched yesterday that in order for light therapy to be effective, my eyes need to be open during treatment and I need to be sitting close to it. So I followed up yoga with sitting on my massage chair and meditating so I can enjoying light therapy for an additional 20 minutes. This whole experience was also further energizing and awakening. Today is the first morning with light therapy and I’m already feeling it’s incredible benefits.

I followed with a morning workout. I recently got a membership to BodyFit. Today, I started with the ‘Serious Strength in 8 Weeks’ workout program. It’s an 8 week program (4 workouts per week) and I will create a separate post about this with further details later but today was week 1, day 1 and it was an awesome workout! I am excited to gain strength with this program. I followed my workout with drinking fresh out of the coconut water. I happened to come across green drinking coconuts at War Mart so that was a nice treat. Then I took a quick steam, relaxing shower, got dressed and headed to the kitchen. I prepped morning breakfast and lunch for the day for myself and my husband and rushed out of the house with him around 7:50 AM (should be about 15 minutes earlier tomorrow as he is supposed to reach work by 8 AM for a morning meeting) since my truck’s tire is pretty much flat and I can’t drive it in the snow. I started my nitnem during the car ride and finished after reaching work. I spent another 5 minutes meditating before starting work. I really want to make it a priority to take very good care of my mind so I can keep the energy that I had this morning. Meditation, gurbani and journaling all energize me and I needed this additional time before I can begin working. Happy and grateful for a great start and ready for work now.

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