Day 176/ 365 Overview: A very good day

So since today was a very good day (fully energetic and productive)- I wanted to summarize and save it on my blog for future reference 🙂


  • Probably fell asleep around midnight the night before
  • Woke up: 4:45
  • Light therapy + 10 minute yoga
  • Light therapy + 20 minute massage
  • BodyFit Serious Strength in 8 Weeks Week 1 Day 1 Lower Body program (about 45 mins)
  • 10 minute steam, shower
  • Got ready
  • Prepped food
  • Rushed out of home for work around 7:50 AM
  • Nitnem (car + when reaching work)
  • Meditation
  • Blog
  • 10:30-5:30 work
  • Drive home, stop at healthy planet
  • 6:40-7:10 30 minute evening yoga: Radiate and Shine with Faith (day 1 of 30 days of yoga from Beachbody Yoga Studio)
  • Prepped dinner
  • Cleaned up
  • Doing this post right now (9:30 PM) – feeling completely exhausted but completely SATISFIED with my day !
  • Going to do my evening prayers and head to bed (might take a quick shower or atleast my evening skincare before going to bed).

Food Intake

  • Coconut water after my morning workout
  • Lemon water before leaving for work
  • Breakfast: Greek yogurt with an apple, pear and raisins
  • Lunch: Brown rice and Shahee Paneer
  • Quick snack/treat: 1 chocolate oat bite (so delicious :))
  • Cha/ Indian tea
  • Snack: Fresh juice (after evening yoga)
  • Dinner: Chickpea salad and guacamole

Today’s workout (Serious Strength in 8 Weeks; Week 1, Day 1: Lower Body)

  • Squats
    • Warm up no weights
    • 10 lb 3×10
    • I am used to doing squats so this exercise was nothing new for me.In fact, I’ve done higher weights but since I am just getting back into exercise after an injury and very long break – I want to ease into it very slowly and that’s why I kept the weight to only 10 lbs today.
  • Deadlifts
    • Warm up no weights
    • 5 lb 3×10
    • I am also used to doing deadlifts so this was nothing new. I’ve also done higher weights before. But considering that I really want to be consistent this time, I want to ease into working out and higher weights slowly.
  • Barbell Bulgarian split squat
    • 3×10 each side with a barbell (no weights)
    • This was a new exercise for me. I was supposed to complete 15 reps but I hardly managed 10 reps. It was a very different and difficult movement for me. In fact, I started sweating more just while figuring it out. This is a movement I am excited to become better at.
  • Ab Roller
    • Was supposed to do 3 sets, 10 reps Ab Roller but since I didn’t have the equipment to do this exercise – I substituted with 2 sets (1 x 20 reps; 1 x 10 reps) of leg raises for some core workout!
    • I later discovered (this evening) – that I can modify ab roller to do with a barbell – so definitely looking forward to try this exercise next week (or if it comes up again sometime this week!)


  • Exhausted
  • Couldn’t fit in an evening walk – but my sister and brother were able to take Mayhem on a long walk so I don’t feel bad about that
  • It feels like everything I want to fit in a day is only possible if I do things simultaneously.
  • Goal for tomorrow: Try to continue with this flow. But rest a bit longer if my body needs it.

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