Good health is a gift!

Day 175/ 365

I’ve been doing quite well these past couple of days (emotionally). Physically, I am quite better today but just went through a period of very intense neck pain. I jerked my head backwards after a shower on Wednesday – resulting in the symptoms of a whiplash. I’ve been in so much pain and I’ve been going for chiropractic treatments everyday since then. I also went for an acupuncture treatment yesterday. The pain has been severely uncomfortable. But the good thing is, that my emotions have been stable during this time. Physical pain coupled with bad emotions is a place I really do not want to be in. Those days are very dark… I’ve gotten much better overall for which I am very grateful. It really makes me realize how I usually take health for granted. But we shouldn’t – it’s a gift. Something to be grateful for. Today I am grateful for good health – physical and emotional.

I have an important milestone coming up at the end of this month – the mid of my 365 Day Challenge after which I will have exactly 1/2 the duration of the challenge left. I have learned a lot and become much stronger during this challenge. I feel better prepared and look forward to continuing (and bettering) the journey. Will be back later to share some more thoughts!

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