Strive to be happy and fulfilled

Day 168/ 365

Just some random thoughts as I prepare for the week ahead and contemplate on my 365 day challenge (and life).

The end of this month will mark ½ of my 365 Day Challenge. I will have exactly ½ of a year left until my 28thbirthday. I will complete 28 years of my life and enter my 29thyear of life which will be the last year until I hit thirties. It will basically be an end of an era – life in my twenties. When I was younger I used to think life gets worse off as you get ‘older’ because you are getting ‘old’. As I get older I realize it’s really upto an individual person how they make the most out of life (and age). To me, it feels like the older one is, the more advantage they have of really knowing who they are. The better you know yourself, the truer you can be to yourself. The better your quality of life can be. So honestly, I don’t want to be in the mindset of being sad about turning older. I understand and accept that the longer life goes on, the more years that pass by – the less time I will have left. God sent me to Earth with a set number of breaths and years. With each birthday, I have less and less time left. But instead of being sad or depressed about it – I just want to get in the mindset of enjoying life. Enjoy and appreciate all there is to it. What is the point of being sad about less time left? There is nothing that can change how many years of life I will get. The best I can do for myself is to live life to the fullest everyday. Try to be better with everyday without worrying about how much time there is left. That would be a waste. The number of breaths won’t change by dwelling on it, thinking about it. So definitely live with the truth that tomorrow could possibly be my last. Everyday that I get to live is a gift. Appreciate every birthday because I got the chance to complete another year. Strive to be happy and fulfilled. Work hard to make your life satisfying and exciting. That’s the best you can do and how you’ll be able to make the most out of life. Enjoy and appreciate what each new year brings. It brings me newer fonder happier experiences and memories. Each new year brings with it more things to be grateful for. It brings more meaning to life. The more I live and experience life, the more I have to look back at – when the journey comes to an end. So really, the older you get – the more you understand life, life’s purpose, your goals, your dreams, what makes you happy and the better your life will be (as a result of living with the new found knowledge and experience you have gained by living an another year). You get to use what you learned and apply it to the next year to make that year even better and do what makes you happy. So here’s to wanting to make the most out of life as possible. Not wishing for a longer life. Just wishing that I can live the duration of my life (however long it is) with happiness, health, purpose & love!
Thank you for reading 🙂

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