Hit The Reset Button

Today I was thinking of what I really want for my life. I wrote: Starting with myself, I want to be able to help others live their best life (long-term goal/intention). I am only focussed on myself because I still have a lot of work to do. But life is incomplete without thinking of our bigger picture. We all have things we want to share with the world. For me, that’s finding a way to live my best life and sharing it with others. Reaching my highest potential. Loving with all my heart. Achieving my dreams. Being happy and fulfilled. Making the most out of life as possible. Being on a path to becoming better everyday. And then hopefully getting to a point where I have learned (and applied) enough to share with others with the hope to help another live their best life!

As I was thinking of this, I googled ‘starting with myself, I want to be able to help others live their best life’ and came across this post How to Live Your Best Life Starting Today. And while reading that, I found myself across another: 13 Keys to Living Your Best Life and while reading it, this concept of hitting the reset button really hit home for me.

Sometimes life sends us curveballs we aren’t prepared for. It’s important to know how to get back to the center—to who we are and to reconnect with our goals and priorities. If you ever find yourself feeling off-course or negative, imagine hitting a pause button. It only takes a minute to re-focus. Some great tips for resetting include stretching, taking a deep breath, jotting down a few goals or intentions, then beginning again. Knowing how to reset our energy is important when it comes to navigating minor distractions and major life changes.

More often than not, I find myself in a very bad moment – a moment which has the potential to completely throw me off course with my positive flow of life. In the past, I’ve let one bad moment ruin days or sometimes weeks for me! But this concept of hitting the reset button seems really powerful. I think we as humans have as much power as we give ourselves. I am of the mentality that anything is possible. If you believe – you can make it happen. I have the power to make anything I want to be true – as long as I tell myself. If I tell myself I have a reset button that I can hit when I need to reset to start again after a bad moment (after somebody said something hurtful to me, after I felt some negative feelings for whatever reason, basically anything that can cause negativity in my life) – I believe that button will work. So, right now I am in a great flow with my life. The moment something happens to make me feel hurt, negative, or uncomfortable in any way – I will immediately hit pause and reset!

Some concluding thoughts from the previous mentioned article:

When we feel distracted or off-course, all we have to do is remember that each moment is a gift. No matter how far the anxieties or distractions of our lives have taken us from where we want to be, it only takes a moment to reset, shift from distraction to gratitude, remember what matters most and begin again.

Just wanted to share this concept and store it here for future reference. Here’s to hitting pause and reset – as often as I need to help in my journey of living my best life.

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