Emotional health is most important

Day 162/ 365

Today was supposed to be my off day (and beach day!)… but it didn’t end up happening. What can you do… things happen. Today was a crazy busy day with phone calls, work, follow ups, things to do, etc.!! Although I did rock another summer outfit with sandals. Wearing the sandals made me realize that I really needed a pedicure because my feet had gotten so rough! So, I indulged and went to the spa and got a pedi and ended up getting a mani too :). Headed to work later and in the midst of all the things that needed to get done today (and the unplanned spa appointment) – the day just went by and by the time I finished important priority work and came home to atleast enjoy the sun from my balcony, it was gone 😦 I am now sitting in my room, sitting on my swinging egg chair in front of my sun lamp still feeling satisfied with how the day turned out. It was super busy and different from usual. I got quite a bit of sun during my drive in the morning to and from the spa to and from work which was satisfying. I remember thinking to myself while I was driving to work after my appointment, that this already feels like I am on a beach (that’s the amount of heat and sunlight I felt and enjoyed while I was driving). All in all, it was a great day and even though it was really busy I still got enough of a break to make up for working the past weekend. Usually at this time, I’d just about be finishing work and getting ready to come home and today I am already in my home swinging, enjoying light therapy, and blogging.

Yesterday I didn’t get too much time to share my thoughts and feelings but after a couple days with lower emotional health (Ah, what’s with me and these big time fluctuations!) – I was finally feeling so much better by the time I went to bed last night. So much so that today I am going through my day with only 5 hours of sleep and still feel fantastic. Usually I end up feeling sick if I don’t get enough sleep but somehow I’m energetic today. I think it’s the sun. And just being better emotionally. Emotional health is so important. If I am not well with my emotions, I find all other aspects of my health get affected negatively. So for me the most important aspect to health is emotional (and mental – I guess they go hand in hand). So another goal: prioritize my emotional health above everything else (including work priorities) and learn to better manage my emotions. Don’t let anything overwhelm me to the extent that my emotional health gets affected because that in turn negatively affects all other aspects of my life.

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