A powerful thought: you essentially control everything

Day 157/ 365

Last week while I was on google reading through a whole bunch of different things (this is something I do when I need to figure out how to deal with my thoughts, feelings, emotions, etc.) – I read something truly powerful. At the time, I just read it and mentally agreed with what was written and then I went about my day. But during this past week whenever I was feeling less than terrific, I kept going back to what I had read. I couldn’t remember the exact way the things were written but I kept remembering the message and that it was very powerful. It was worded in a way that just sticked with me. Today, I wanted to share that thought on my blog but I couldn’t put my mind together on what exactly it was. So I went through my browsing history and went through everything I could find so I can locate the article (to share it here and keep it here for future reference)! I found it. It was last Thursday (October 29th) – I had googled ‘how to deal with uncomfortable situations’ and came across this article How to Cope with Uncomfortable Situations for Personal Growth

The most powerful part that I read that really stayed with me:

You have Total Control over the following:

  • Your self-talk.
  • How you respect, care for, and love your body.
  • What you eat.
  • How you sleep.
  • What you do to de-stress.
  • How much you exercise.
  • etc.

I just wanted to take a moment to share this. We have so much control. We essentially control our happiness and no matter what life throws our way – we can still choose choose to be a happy person and have a very good and meaningful life. It’s all in our control. This thought has touched my soul. I suddenly feel so much power. I will no longer be looking for someone to blame for some of my less than ideal circumstances (which usually stress me out and I always complain that I didnt ‘choose’ this, etc.). But as it says in the article: You cannot change the past, you cannot change circumstances once they happen, and you cannot change how people will react and respond to you. The only thing you can change is how you’ll react and respond. You can either look at unfortunate situations that happen as making you feel like a “victim,” or you can respond by looking at each situation as an opportunity to learn thus bettering yourself, and becoming a problem solver. Honestly, I very much like this approach and I am so happy for coming across this article that has helped me become more mindful with my thoughts.

I want to end off by sharing a quote from Charles R. Swindoll: “I am convinced that life is 10% what happens to me and 90% of how I react to it.” and say I agree!! 90% is very high. In school, 90% translates into an A+ grade which is the highest one can score. You can’t get better than an A+ and realizing that I actually have this power in my personal life – regardless of what happens to me – I can still control 90% of my life – now I can do and make my life EXACTLY what I WANT it to be. And if I’m not able to – I will have NO ONE to blame except myself!

Thank you for reading – and I’d love to hear your thoughts on this concept.

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