New goal: Learn to take criticism gracefully

Day 152/ 365

I didn’t check in yesterday but the day went well. I started the day with normal energy (no feelings of wanting to go back to bed). I did morning yoga. I had a somewhat productive day at work. I did an evening workout and went for an evening walk with Mayhem (accomplished the goal of 10K steps). I did notice yesterday that I take criticism very personally. I was reflecting on yesterdays day while I was on a late afternoon walk today and I realized that this is something I should work on. I should learn to take criticism without making it a huge deal. Listen. Reflect. Make changes in the future (if required). Instead of taking it personally and getting angry and upset (this is what I did yesterday).

Here is a link to a helpful article that I came across as I was thinking of what the title for today’s post: 6 Tips For Taking Criticism Gracefully

I just wanted to do a quick bit on yesterdays day and I’ll (hopefully) be back later with today’s post!

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