Today I am trying to learn how to deal with uncomfortable situations

Day 151/ 365

Today’s day started off right and with more energy than all the days before. I don’t know if this is a psychological thing but it felt easier to wake up and stay awake this morning – I am guessing this might be related to the chiro adjustment from yesterday. My chiro always talks about how adjustments help with energy and it really feels like it today. I hope I can continue the same way tomorrow. Maybe I will try to make another appointment tomorrow if I am not able to get out of bed with the same energy.

I also gave myself a little bit of a relaxing morning. I fit in my yoga session and a longer shower than usual before work. I worked 11-7:30ish – kept it a shorter day (than usual) today but it was a very productive and focused day. After work, I fit in a workout (arms today). And now I wanted to walk Mayhem but it’s raining so I am going to skip the walk today (unless I feel like walking in the rain later this evening).

Today, I am grateful for my mom. She is the most helpful person in my life. Mom’s really are the best. I am able to focus on work and on taking care of myself right now because she helps me out a lot with my meals. Today’s lunch and dinner was prepared by her. Super grateful and thankful.

I got very angry about something today and as I sit here trying to understand my own feelings, I am focusing more on how to deal with them in a way that I am still able to keep myself happy and positive. As I know from my last negative experience, it doesn’t take much for me to spiral into negativity and before I know it, I have ruined so many days of my life because of one uncomfortable situation or bad moment. This is so typical of me. I’m going about my day when something uncomfortable happens. A stream of negative thoughts floods my brain. I feel negative, anxious and overwhelmed. And no matter what else goes right after that, I ruin my day because I keep thinking about whatever happens.

Today, I don’t wish to take this route. I guess it’s motivating when you have someone else who cares about your happiness and emotional health – even more than you care for yourself. Today, I am focused on completely changing how I usually let a negative experience impact me. Less for myself and more for my mom because it bothers her a lot when I am not doing well emotionally. How do you deal with a situation that makes you feel uncomfortable? If someone is behaving in a manner that makes you feel uncomfortable – how should you react? I reacted with anger and I don’t think this is the right way (because I don’t feel good right now about reacting in anger). How else should you deal with uncomfortable situations? This is a question I am asking myself and I’ll begin thinking about the answer to be able to better deal with similar situations in the future which make me uncomfortable. Why am I uncomfortable in the first place? Are my feelings justified? I think so.

A quick google search on ‘how to deal with uncomfortable situations’ gives some answers. Some other things I read that are helpful:

  • maintain your confidence (And positivity)
  • Learn to Sit with Negative Feelings: sometimes our feelings are appropriate for the events going on in our lives. We are allowed to feel whatever we need to feel.
  • If we choose to foster a sense of inner peace, challenge our perceptions and interpretations when our emotions could use some schooling, and learn to take responsibility for our joy, we can not only minimize pain/discomfort; we can choose to be a source of pleasure, for ourselves and the people around us.
  • You cannot change the past, you cannot change circumstances once they happen, and you cannot change how people will react and respond to you. The only thing you can change is how you’ll react and respond
  • You can either look at unfortunate situations that happen as making you feel like a “victim,” or you can respond by looking at each situation as an opportunity to learn thus bettering yourself, and becoming a problem solver.

Okay so these were some great things. I am so thankful to google 🙂 I feel a bit better and I am starving so going to go now. Might come back to re-read and update this post later. Thank you for reading.

One thought on “Today I am trying to learn how to deal with uncomfortable situations

  1. Kimi says:

    Here I am, again 😊

    What helps me and as your Google research states, finding inner peace. Unlike how we see in movies or elsewhere, inner peace is not about closing eyes and meditating on a white light or anything similar but rather meditating on God and feeling connected and be in loving devotion to Him. This might sound like a very spiritual kind of advice but in reality is the truth that we all set out to find and some do find it and some never does. Give it a thought 😊

    Please do watch my first YouTube video here:

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