List of things that make me happy :)

Today I went through my last several posts to come up with a list of things that I know make me happy. Now when I’m feeling unhappy – I can just come here and choose to do one of the things on this list. This list is a reminder to myself that it’s very easy to change how I’m feeling and it’s all in my control. I think more than 90% of the things on this list are things I can do for free and by myself and these are things that make me happy. Happiness truly comes from the little things. It’s just sometimes when you’re low, you don’t even have the mental capacity to believe that things will turn around… but it’s only a matter of time. So this list is a good reminder to myself 🙂

List of things that make me feel very happy and grateful

  • Earth & Mother Nature
    • Sunshine
    • Fresh air
    • A nice breeze
    • The beautiful colours of the sky
    • Watching stars
    • Peaceful mindful walks in nature
    • Trees
    • Being in nature
    • Natural and scenic places
    • Exploring new parks/hiking trails
    • Pleasant weather
    • The different seasions (in order): summer, spring/fall, water
    • Sitting on a beach
    • Plants
    • When I see my house plants growing and flourishing
    • Flowers
    • Riding my bike in the summers
    • Kayaking and other water sports
    • Traveling – exploring new countries
  • Food, Cooking and Baking
    • Mindful eating and drinking – taking the time to enjoy the tastes of food
    • Delicious food
    • Whole-foods plant based foods
    • Eating healthy
    • Cooking healthy and delicious meals
    • Trying new foods and recipes
    • Baking delicious but healthy treats and desserts
    • Pizza!!!
  • Routine
    • Waking up early
    • Relaxing mornings
    • When my fitbit congratulates me when I reach 10K steps!
    • Being productive
    • Taking a steam followed with a very cold shower
    • Long relaxing showers and baths
    • Sleep and feeling well-rested
    • Being grateful
    • Checking off as many things as possible on my daily checklist as it keeps me much happier, motivated and energetic and gives my day purpose and it keeps me busy (and healthy) so I don’t get a chance to feel sad or lonely. If I start the day right and I put myself in the mindset of crossing items off, then I have a better and more productive day!
  • Strength, Energy and Exercise
    • When I notice that I have gotten stronger – physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally
    • When I feel stronger either through my yoga practice or through being able to lift heavier weights
    • When I feel energetic
    • Yoga
    • Hot yoga
    • Being able to do new poses
    • Trying new exercises
    • Dancing
    • Strength training
  • Family & Love
    • Sharing meals with my family
    • Love and affection
    • When I focus on love – self-love & love to others
    • Time with my family and my husband
    • Hugs and affection
    • Kissing my husband
  • Meditation, Connecting with God & Gurbani
    • Listening to kirtan
    • Practicing shabads on the vaja (a musical instrument -the harmonium)
    • Being able to concentrate during meditation – when I am truly able to clear my mind and focus
    • Connecting with God through gurbani and meditation
    • When I understand gurbani
  • Accomplishing Goals & Connecting with myself
    • Learning to truly connect with myself and with God
    • When I learn more about myself
    • Spending time alone, going deeper in my thoughts
    • When I progress with my goals
    • When I discover new thoughts, ideas and answers from within myself
    • Self-respect and self-love
    • When I work on self-confidence
    • Learning to value myself as a person
    • Spend time with myself getting to know myself better
    • Sharing my thoughts on my blog + getting interaction on my blog
  • Misc.
    • Music
    • Learning
    • Teaching
    • Spending time with children
    • Trying new things
    • Taking photos
    • Working hard gives me happiness
    • My blog
    • When I am filled with so much positive energy that all I want to do is spread it and share it with others!
    • Working only 40 hours a week (or even less than that) – but currently I am okay with putting in more hours for the business as long as I still get time for myself
    • Dressing nice, wearing beautiful clothes and outfits
    • Organization and being organized in every aspect of life makes me happy

Honestly making this list just makes me appreciate how beautiful life is. There are so many beautiful amazing (routine) things to be grateful for. I think except travel there is nothing else on this list that costs money at all, except for the basic things like commuting expenses (car, gas and insurance) to get from 1 place to another, groceries, kitchen appliances, buying clothes, etc. Really goes to show that you don’t really need a lot of money or ‘stuff’ to be happy. True beauty of life lies in being able to appreciate the little things.

Thank you for reading 🙂

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