Current Goals – mostly short-term

Day 147/ 365

Today I went through my last several posts to come up with a list of my current goals (mostly short-term, things I wish to accomplish during this 365 day challenge I am currently on).

  1. To make a list of my current goals (accomplished)
  2. To focus on my goals (in progress)
  3. To not lose my current flow with life (in progress and working very hard to maintain)
  4. To re-visit my daily routine and to-do list and make and share a newer more improved version of it on my blog (in progress)
  5. To make it a priority to check off as many things off my daily to-do list as possible each day (will start tomorrow)
  6. To make a list of things that make me happy and share it on this blog and try to incorporate as many things off that list on my daily to-do list as possible (in progress)
  7. To develop the skill of hard-work (I recently came upon this – hard work is a skill like no other and can be mastered with practice so looking forward to mastering this skill)
  8. To figure out ways to increase my energy levels and share on this blog (in progress)
  9. To get to a better place mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually by my 28thbirthday/ by the end of this 365 day challenge (by the year I will be entering my 29th year – the last year in my 20’s) (in progress)
  10. To get better and be better and to make progress with myself and my life with each new day. Take it 1 day at a time. (in progress)
  11. To try my best to keep my thoughts positive (in progress)
  12. To find a way to truly forgive and let go of all past pains and negative emotions including anger, resentment, sadness and any negativity so that my soul and body can be truly free
  13. To consistently wake up early (and earlier)

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