Note to self: Happiness is not that difficult

Day 144/ 365

Today was another good day. I woke up early to meditate (I did end up going back to sleep – so that was a fail… will try again tomorrow (to stay awake) :)). I went to work. Came back, completed day 4 of my 3 week yoga retreat. Walked Mayhem about 45 mins. Although I wore my fitbit towards the end of the day, I have over 5K steps right now so I think I most likely accomplished my goal of 10K steps.

Goal for tomorrow: Continue with the current flow that I have going on. Just add new things to my schedule slowly as I see fit but maintain these few minimums and add in healthy eating and tracking my meals/food intake. Also, drink more water!

Highlight of today: Today’s walk was very enjoyable. Very pleasant weather. The colours of the sky so pretty. Just a beautiful fall day. Enjoyed the peacefulness of it. Perfect way to end the day. Grateful! Happiness truly comes from the little things – just need to make sure mental and emotional health is good enough to be able to do these little things and happiness flows naturally 🙂

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