Just a different kind of feeling today

Day 143/ 365

Another good day today. I got up early to meditate and do the usual morning food prep and when it came time to do yoga before heading to work… my body refused. My mind was very much into it but the body didn’t agree so I decided to give it a break. Had a great nap (almost like another goodnights sleep) from 8-11 AM! Boy did I really need it. My eyes could hardly open and felt so swollen this morning for some odd reason. I usually know when I am not well rested because I get a runny nose and sneezing in the mornings. Most days I have to carry on but somedays, like today, I let myself get the rest my body is craving.

Some goals for tomorrow: To wake up and stay awake; To cut out all processed sugar from my diet (except natural sugar). I will post all my meals on my daily blog to stay accountable.

Today’s accomplishments: completed day 3 of week 1 of beachbody on demand’s 3 week yoga retreat, walked Mayhem for a bit (couldn’t count my steps today because my FitBit battery died!! – so will aim for 10K steps tomorrow), had a very positive mental and emotional health day, and had a positive and productive day at work 🙂

143 days down, 222 down to go! Looking forward to the journey. Just a different kind of feeling today – complete satisfaction with where I am right now and not much more to say, thoughts are kind of quiet (rarely happens so I am enjoying the moment). I am going to share some previous thoughts that I meant to put together in a post but didn’t have the time.. stay tuned! Thank you for reading 🙂

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