Grateful for stepping out of my comfort zone

There are a couple people in this world who actually like what I have to say – and that’s given me a new happiness, motivation and positive energy. I wanted to make this post to document this feeling and to take a moment to be thankful and show gratitude for it. Thank you to those reading my posts. I’ve always had a lot to say and always wanted to share myself but I didn’t ever feel comfortable (for almost a whole decade). It literally took me a decade to get here. I originally started this blog solely for myself and it was very difficult to make it public because I’ve always been a very private person (I usually kept my thoughts and opinions to myself). I’ve had some social media but rarely used it or shared on it and didn’t feel too comfortable posting my daily thoughts on it (although I did try it out for a bit). However, when I decided on jasdeepsjourney to help myself progress on my journey to a healthier, happier & more purposeful life which includes physical, emotional, mental & spiritual wellness – I decided to start sharing it on this blog and my reasoning for that was that even if one person could be helped or inspired by what I write – it will be worth it. It only takes one person. And I was already doing the work to help myself so it couldn’t hurt to share. And it hasn’t hurt. It’s helped. So grateful! Grateful to be here. Grateful for the opportunity to share. Grateful for those reading. Thank you for helping me on my journey and I look forward to spreading more positive energy!

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